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Crumbly rice

Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис
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Russian cuisine


Crumbly rice. I have for many years do not always get it done, and cases where he remained absolutely tender and crumbly, but - incredibly delicious (that's why I do not like special bags for cooking rice), can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Although various pilaf, or even rice with vegetables, it gets me so that "the tongue swallow."



But this situation corrected my bosom friend, a committed bachelor, which I was a member at the dinner. And as a side dish he cooked plain rice. But he was so crumbly and tender that I did not fail to ask him about all the intricacies and secrets of its preparation. And what was my genuine surprise that the secrets and tricks here to do, and make the crumbly rice can even the smallest, novice and inexperienced cook. What, in fact, I want to share with you. So I have the menu today - crumbly rice.
So, for its preparation we need directly cereal rice (take one glass to make it easier to believe)
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

twice in water (this ratio - the most important part of the recipe)
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

and a teaspoon of salt without top. That's all, proceed to our "sacrament."
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

Put to boil water. And no "is about", "almost" or "a little bit left," only the absolute boiling water.
Fall asleep in the cauldron (or pan, just not necessarily enameled, almost guaranteed pristynet) rice, salt (and then forgotten), and pour the boiled water cooked. We put it on the fire.
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

When we are not yet ready crumbly rice boils (and it happens very quickly), slightly reduces the fire, and cook, covered only a few minutes, no more, no less.
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

Now turn off the fire, and without opening the cover, "forget" about it for 20 minutes.
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

That's all crumbly rice is absolutely ready. Water is completely absorbed, it was crumbly and very gentle, and difficulties, as you have just seen, did not have any.
Как правильно сварить рассыпчатый рис

Enjoy your appetite.

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