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Rice Omelet

Рисовый омлет
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I must admit, the first time I cooked rice omelette not the camera, from specially harvested products, as well as a residual. Simply build everything edible in an empty refrigerator before scholarship in his third year in the institute hostel. And so he sunk into my memory, so cook it quite elementary, but it turns out very hearty and tasty, that years later, I have not time preparing it.



So today I will try to give you this simple recipe rice omelet.
Thus, to prepare it (two portions), we need:
• Two large (if they are smaller - Take three, worse will not be exact) of chicken eggs,
Рисовый омлет

• 100 ... 120 ml of milk,
Рисовый омлет

• teaspoon salt
Рисовый омлет

• a little vegetable oil for frying (tablespoon will be enough)
Рисовый омлет

• and rice.
Рисовый омлет

But to take the raw, cook it until tender (pour boiling water to twice its volume, bring to a boil, cook for two minutes, and then another 20 minutes set aside to swell)
Рисовый омлет

or take a ready-made, the remainder of yesterday's dinner (I usually do) - you decide. Rice will need about 150 grams, is ready.
Рецепт рисового омлета

Beat the eggs. Of course, you can do that by hand, conventional whisk (or even a fork), but a blender or mixer it will be much faster and easier. And the foam come much more lush. But be sure to immediately place the salt, with desirable coarse, not extreme. Not only that, then just forget and vzobyutsya they are much faster.
Рецепт рисового омлета

Top up with milk, preferably a thin stream and continue whisking all the while. Future rice omelet is so lush and voluminous that of a spacious capacity to take care of it in advance.
Рецепт рисового омлета

Lubricates high frying pan with vegetable oil. Now in her pour the resulting mass, sleeps rice, cover with a tight lid and set on fire. The first 30 seconds ... one minute (pans at all different) prepare for the big fire,
Рецепт рисового омлета

and then fry until done already on the smallest of its seven ... ten minutes.
Рецепт рисового омлета

That's all wisdom, rice omelet is ready, serve it immediately, as it cools down very quickly. And do not let him walk in the pan: guaranteed shall fade.
Рецепт рисового омлета

Enjoy your appetite.

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