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Russian salad with ham and radish

Russian salad with ham and radish
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I am well aware that there are fresh radishes in a nearby supermarket or large grocery store all year round. But that perception seasonally appearing on the shelves of products that had been grafted to me (and not only to me) in the distant childhood, allows you to put a confident and bold equate these simple vegetables and the arrival of spring with its warmth, after a long winter with its cold weather and wet weather .



But today I decided to move away from the unwritten rules carefully executed by me more than a dozen years. And do not make the classic salad recipe with fresh radish, boiled chicken eggs, feathers onions and greens, seasoned with sour cream and original salad with ham and radish. And this recipe will take more than five minutes of your time.
While there, two chicken eggs should be cooked hard boiled. So 12 minutes after boiling, and then cool in flowing water. So they will be much easier to clean. And do not forget the water in which to boil an egg, put a teaspoon of salt. So they do not exactly will emerge, even if you will fall cracked.
Салат из редиса рецепт

The beam of my radish, cut the roots,
Салат из редиса рецепт

and cut into thin slices.
Салат из редиса рецепт

200 grams of boiled-smoked ham (do not need to, its taste and smell should not dominate in this salad ham with radish)
Салат из редиса рецепт

cut into small cubes.
Салат из редиса рецепт

A few feathers green onions,
Вкусный салат с редиской

finely crumble.
Вкусный салат с редиской

A small bunch of herbs (dill, parsley or assorted) also my, dried (we do not want our salad "floated")
Вкусный салат с редиской

also medium-sized shinkuem.
Как приготовить салат из редиски

Meanwhile, boil eggs. Clean and and chopped into cubes.
Как приготовить салат из редиски

For the filling using conventional mayonnaise, but quite a bit. Two ... three tablespoons will be enough,
Как приготовить салат из редиски

to tie all the components of the resulting salad ham with radish together. But he did not dominate the flavor palette of ingredients.
Салат из редиса рецепт

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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