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Cottage cheese casserole with raisins.

Запеканка с манкой и изюмом
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Delicate, subtle delicacy - cottage cheese casserole with raisins, have valuable nutrients and flavor. It's a great diet dish - a suitable option for any meal, or just for a chat. Properly cooked fragrant dessert create a wonderful mood, and conquer the guests and friends, and loved ones.



Let's get down and get acquainted with the nuances of its preparation.
We need:
2% cottage cheese - 2 pack.
Butter - dessert spoon.
Sugar (preferably small) - 2 table. l.
Chicken yaytso- 2 pieces
Semolina - about half a glass
Raisins - half cup
Sour cream 10%
Salt - a pinch
Vanillin - half hours. L
Bread crumbs - 10g
Powdered sugar - for decoration.
Step by step preparation:

Запеканка с манкой и изюмом

1. In a mixing bowl was triturated until smooth curd.

Запеканка с манкой и изюмом

Запеканка с манкой и изюмом  

2. Separately, a mixer, beat two raw eggs with sugar.

Запеканка с манкой и изюмом

3. The egg-sugar mixture is added to the curd. Stir. Melt the butter in a water bath and poured into cottage cheese. Add the semolina, quite a bit of salt, vanilla powder and lemon zest. Stir.

Запеканка с манкой и изюмом

4. Add the washed raisins. Spoon whisk the entire mass.

Запеканка творог изюм манка   

5. light a fire in the oven to make it hot. At this time, the bottom and sides well inside the mold grease with butter. Sprinkle with crushed crackers much (better to sift them through a sieve). Fill the prepared pan. The surface of the curd mass sprinkled with a little warm with butter and sour cream gently lubricates. Put the form in the center in the oven.

Запеканка творог изюм манка

6. After 30 minutes (the time will depend on the particular oven) casserole should be browned. Appetizing golden brown and uniform elasticity rouse the masses tell us that our cottage cheese casserole with raisins ready. Take out the shape of the oven. We spread casserole careful not to break into the dish.

Запеканка творог изюм манка

7. Decorate the air with powdered sugar.

Запеканка творог изюм манка

8. Serve our amazing culinary masterpiece to the table!

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