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Russian salad with asparagus

Russian salad with asparagus
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When I first prepared this pudding, asparagus in Korean, I never would have thought that it would be among my most favorite dishes. Moreover, the spouse, which is always wary of some novelty in the usual diet meals, fully and completely approved the unsophisticated, but very tasty snack, asking to repeat. Therefore, today I will move quickly from words to deeds, and prepare this asparagus in Korean.



So, I'll cook a little bit, "at once", and the amount of ingredients is too small for this recipe. You can safely increase it at times, as she asparagus in Korean through a half-day ... the day becomes only tastier.
However, the dish we are not starting with 200 grams of asparagus
Как приготовить спаржу по корейски

with a liter of water. It must be put to boil. And so you do not forget, put the pan in a teaspoon of salt.
Как приготовить спаржу по корейски

So when cooking our asparagus and remains rich green color and not become brown-brown. By the way, put it to cook in boiling water only, but after re-boiling reckon exactly three minutes,
Как приготовить спаржу по корейски

then casts a colander and give to drain completely.
Как приготовить спаржу по корейски

One large (or two smaller ones) carrot clean,
Как приготовить спаржу по корейски

and three long strips. If you do not have a special knife for carrots, it does not matter. Use only the largest grater.

Also clean the small head of garlic.
Как готовить спаржу по корейски

In addition, you will need heaped teaspoons seasoning mixes "for Korean carrot"
Как готовить спаржу по корейски

tablespoon sugar,
Как готовить спаржу по корейски

the same amount of vinegar,
Как готовить спаржу по корейски

and carefully left, another teaspoon of salt. All of this mix, add had time to drain and cool asparagus, and mix well.
Корейский салат со спаржей

Three tablespoons of vegetable oil (I use sunflower refined, with a maximum neutral smell and taste)
Корейский салат со спаржей

set to warm up. And the right "than it is hot - the better" applies, can be very useful.
Корейский салат со спаржей

Now fill them almost finished our asparagus in Korean, and set aside. Within 15 ... 20 minutes, when it has cooled to room temperature, our snack ready. But it is better to give it to stand for longer, so the taste is much more complete and rich. While waiting for - the hardest part of cooking this dish, you can believe me.
Корейский салат со спаржей

That's all in Korean asparagus is ready. Enjoy your appetite.

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