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Тыквенные оладьи рецепт с фото
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October in full swing, which means it's time to prepare dishes from solar pumpkin! During the short summer, it has managed to preserve for us the hot rays of heat and light, and now ready to make a mouth-watering orange pancakes.
In the fairy tale - the pumpkin turned into a carriage, and on our table it will turn into a light and healthy dinner.



Just do not need it to prepare for the future, it is perfectly kept intact, so prepare as much as you can eat in one sitting.
By the way, ideal conditions for the storage of pumpkins - 7-10 degrees with humidity of 60-70%, so do not store it in a zero-chamber with 100% humidity - there she quickly deteriorate.

Take a couple of small pieces - 200-300 grams of pumpkin and her three on a coarse grater.
Put 1 egg and 3 quarter cups flour
Salt to taste.
Herbs and spices - optional.
Olive oil with rosemary goes well with pumpkin

Тыквенные оладьи рецепт с фото

A little trick. If your pumpkin with green-brown skin - you can put quite a bit shabby green peel - it will look amazing. Contrast bright orange flesh and green specks looks very aesthetically pleasing. Instead grated peel can use any greens - finely chopped dill or parsley, for example.
If an egg substitute two or three quail or a guinea-fowl, the pancakes, and indeed, become superdietichesky dish.

Тыквенные оладьи рецепт с фото

Mix all ingredients and put in a deep frying pan with non-stick coating, adding a little olive oil with rosemary. Fry on both sides until golden blush. And then he served at the table with this farm sour cream and herbs.

Тыквенные оладьи рецепт с фото

By the way, the seeds of pumpkins do not throw away. Carefully remove them air dry - they are tasty and useful, especially for men. They can even be a little dry in a pan and apply for pancakes.
Interesting facts!
Pumpkin came to these shores from distant South America.
It is the largest vegetable in the world (some specimens reach over two hundred pounds of weight!).
In addition to vitamins A and E, pumpkin is particularly rich in very rare vitamin T, which are to accelerate the metabolism and, consequently, improve metabolism. Therefore, it is as useful to those who care about their figure and loves a tasty snack!

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