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How to cook garlic arrows

Как приготовить чесночные стрелки
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Garlic appeared in our country for a long time, and he came from Byzantium. Garlic has long been used in food to give effect to the fight against diseases. In ancient times, warriors before the next fight mandatory ate a whole head of garlic.
Contraindications to the use of garlic arrows: kidney disease, gallbladder disease, anemia, ulcer.



Flower stalks, ie garlic arrows, always during the growing need to break off. Otherwise, the energy goes into these arrows instead garlic head. But do not rush to throw arrows green fragrant. They can marinate and make an unusual appetizer for the winter, or extinguished.
Necessary ingredients:
• Garlic arrows - 1 kilogram;
• Tomatoes - 4 pieces;
• Salt and pepper to taste;
• Vegetable oil.
To extinguish the need to take a softer upper part of the shooter, to yellow inflorescences.
Как приготовить чесночные стрелки

Next, you need arrows carefully rinse under running water and cut into smaller pieces.
Как приготовить чесночные стрелки

Arrows do not have to cut much smaller, ideal size - as a pea pod.
Как приготовить чесночные стрелки

Next, you need to fry in vegetable oil arrows with salt and pepper to taste. Fry until until they darken and become softer.
Как приготовить чесночные стрелки

Fresh tomatoes cut into small cubes.
Как приготовить чесночные стрелки

Add the chopped tomatoes in the arrow a couple of minutes before the end of cooking.
Чесночные стрелки жареные

Stir fry and another 5 minutes.
Чесночные стрелки жареные

Then cover with a pan lid, disconnect the fire and keep under cover for 10 minutes. To glass excess oil, Tilt get a dish in a colander.
Чесночные стрелки жареные

Braised garlic arrows ready! Will be a wonderful separate dish or side dish to meat. Also great to be combined with pasta, buckwheat.
Чесночные стрелки жареные

Bon Appetite!

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