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PHOTO RECIPE Candy "Raffaello"

Конфеты рафаэлло рецепт
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Russian desserts
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For a long time the taste of sweets "Raffaello" never ceases to please fans of his exquisite taste. This crunchy slices with almond, soft cream and coconut.



These delicious sweets always brought great joy to women. They can become a symbol of the holiday, to pass a special feeling. They can be done at home. After all, sometimes just need to indulge yourself in small pleasures. In addition, own candy get much tastier than the store. They are prepared for a brief period. About half an hour.

We need:
1 can of condensed milk
Butter - 3 tablespoons
Coconut - 100 g
Almonds - 100 g

We arrange all the necessary ingredients on the table and start the cooking process. This requires a pan coated by metal penetration. It is necessary to put it condensed milk and put on a small fire. Add there butter. The resulting mixture should be kept on the fire, stirring all the time until thickened.

Конфеты рафаэлло рецепт

Went to the process of boiling condensed milk. It should be reduced in quantity and buy a nice cream shade. And also become very viscous, causing it to be difficult to stir with a spoon. Next, add the condensed milk in the coconut, again all mix and remove from heat. Let cool down slowly.

Конфеты рафаэлло рецепт

Now it's time to nuts. This requires a dry frying pan. Rascal her throw back almonds. It should fry for a few minutes. Now he's ready, let cool down and to the side.

Конфеты рафаэлло рецепт

Already cooled mixture of oil, condensed milk and coconut begin to form small balls. Inside to put one almond.

Конфеты рафаэлло рецепт

It is desirable that all circles are given the same size. Usually molded chocolates without problems, as the mix goes pretty thick. For assistance may come teaspoon. When all the balls are ready, crumble them in coconut flakes.

Put in a cool place and candy "Raffaello" finally ready. You can enjoy yourself and entertain friends.

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