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Russian salad with meat and mushrooms "Sunflower"

Russian salad with meat and mushrooms "Sunflower"
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This original salad will satisfy all lovers of hearty meal, because it consists of chicken and marinated mushrooms with cheese, eggs and decorated so that is shaped like a real sunflower. Salad is perfect for the usual menu for each day, as well as for the festive table.



In this dish any hostess will appreciate not only their home, but certainly surprise guests who will enjoy the most gentle blend of chicken, cheese, mushrooms, stacked in layers with the addition of mayonnaise. Decorated salad neatly stacked halves olives and potato chips that make salad has a spicy taste and attracts goggles. Undoubtedly this salad will take its rightful place at any table and will compare favorably with conventional layered salads. To make the salad more presentable, better stock up in advance chips in cans, as they are better and more uniform size.

Preparation of salad "Sunflower"

Take the chicken, wash and boil in salted water until cooked.

Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Cook the eggs in cool.

Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Boiled chicken, which is slightly cooled, cut into small cubes.

Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Now you can start slitting mushrooms. If canned mushrooms cut in the bank, they still need to grind.

Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Grate the cheese grater, selecting the smallest. It is important that the cheese was as finely as possible.

Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Grate the yolks and whites separately.

Как приготовить салат подсолнух

Как приготовить салат подсолнух
The ingredients are prepared, now you are ready to assemble the salad. The bottom layer is placed fillets evenly watered mayonnaise.

 Как приготовить салат подсолнух
Placed on top of the mushrooms and again all smeared with mayonnaise.

Как приготовить салат подсолнух
Then a layer of protein and mayonnaise.

Как приготовить салат подсолнух
Next, put the cheese and mayonnaise watered again.

Как приготовить салат подсолнух
The last layer - grated yolk.

Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Olives should be cut into two halves and place cut down on the salad, and then put the dish in the fridge for 5 hours.

 Салат подсолнух рецепт классический
Before serving, close to the edges of the plates spread chips.

Ready salad can be decorated with green onions. Do not forget to add salt to taste.
Bon Appetite!

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