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Hake in cream.

Тушеный хек в сметане
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Heck in sour cream (or hake in cream sauce, as you wish to call it), I do not often cook. Why - do not know. But I was very surprised by the request of my eldest son, who belong with the fish dishes with a strong cool, cook for dinner tonight was his.



And if a side dish to cook for him, I did not ask (of course, mashed potatoes with milk), then such a choice, he surprised me very much. And though the reason was in some children's film, he had seen the day before, all the same I tried not to "lose face" and make it really tasty. And I have this really happened, and soon he was asked to cook it again.
So prepare hake in cream. For this we need the very least products:
• himself hake, one middle carcass, or two small,
Тушеный хек в сметане

• 100ml milk
Тушеный хек в сметане

• 100 grams of sour cream (where do without it in this dish)
Тушеный хек в сметане

• one onion bulb,
Тушеный хек в сметане

• teaspoon salt
Тушеный хек в сметане

• and one tablespoon of flour.
Как приготовить хек в сметане

And her we need quite a bit of refined vegetable oil for frying. Pour it into the pan and set on fire to warm up.
Cut the fish into chunks rather narrow,
Как приготовить хек в сметане

well boned with flour on all sides,
Как приготовить хек в сметане

and spread to brown. Oil at that time should be well hot, so two minutes is sufficient.
Как приготовить хек в сметане

Meanwhile, clean the onion, and cut its most subtle, that you can only do half rings.
Как приготовить хек в сметане

Overturn our hake
Хек запеченный в сметане

spread on top of the onions, salt, fill with a mixture of cream and milk, cover the pan lid, reduce to a minimum the fire (and can still be moved to the smallest burner)
Хек запеченный в сметане

and tormented so another ten ... twelve minutes.
Хек запеченный в сметане

That's all wisdom, our hake in cream is ready. And as you can see, everything is very, very simple. But to feel how it tastes good, it will have to prepare ourselves.
Хек запеченный в сметане

Enjoy your appetite.

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