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Fried hake

Жареный хек рецепт с фото
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Fish dishes
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That's for sure, what could be easier than to cook fried hake elementary. And so I thought up until the first time not tasted this dish by its then still future, Tiffany. This is not something that is good and fine, it's great and wonderful!



But the question, and what, in fact, a secret surprise she shrugged and said that there was no secret there is not and can not be, an ordinary fried hake. But all the same was flattered by my keen interest, and promised to make it again soon, and if possible to take into account and show all the subtleties and nuances. Especially because I, in turn, promised her to cook a delicious sauce, and teach her already. So to speak, "from our table - you."
Years passed, and the experience was, so today I cook fried hake. It requires only three ingredients:
• The carcass is a medium-sized fish, without head, tail and viscera,
Жареный хек рецепт с фото

• tablespoon flour
Жареный хек рецепт с фото

• and a good pinch of salt. With this begins first mystery: it should not be petty, but only large and very large. So our hake not let the juice and will be juicy and not dry and bland. And do not acquire the bitterness of a light that appears in the hands of inept cooks.
Жареный хек рецепт с фото

No, there is also a fourth component - vegetable oil, on which we are going to fry fish. Is it because of any culture, but refined and fully refined, with a maximum neutral odor. It into the pan, pour a few tablespoons and set on fire to warm up.
Thawed hake (unlikely you caught it yourself) cut pieces of the same width,
Жареный хек рецепт с фото

well boned with flour on all sides,
Жареный хек рецепт с фото

and spread to brown in hot oil well. Fry over high heat, uncovered, for two minutes, "sealing" the juices inside.
Рыба жареная хек

Overturn, only now salt, cover with a lid, reduce to a minimum the fire and cook as another eight ... ten minutes.
Рыба жареная хек

That's all the wisdom and subtlety, fried hake ready. We serve and eat it immediately, as it cools down very quickly and becomes a "rubber". Although given the wonderful aroma and delicate flavor, you probably will not be able to wait long, passing a painful "test of strength".
Рыба жареная хек

Enjoy your appetite.

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