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Baked mushrooms.

Шляпки шампиньонов запеченные с сыром
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Mushroom dishes
Russian cuisine


One day I was already preparing baked mushrooms, and as for me, it came out very well, although then stuffing them (squid) was pure improvisation. But while searching for a suitable recipe I came across a classic version of cooking stuffed with mashed potatoes.



Although priorities in the kitchen I have changed greatly, the idea to cook ordinary mushrooms, baked in the oven, tightly stuck in my brain. And as I try dishes such options are not set aside "for later", but now it will prepare them.
The first thing I needed mushrooms. And as the still fresh memories of the predecessor of this dish, I knew exactly what I need: big, but the same size twelve (for my true form) pieces.
Шляпки шампиньонов запеченные с сыром

Of course, you can take more or less prepared in large pan, finally, two ... three call. Technology remains the same, then you should simply increase or decrease the proportion of the remaining ingredients.
Also need three medium potatoes.
Шляпки шампиньонов запеченные с сыром

Their clean, cut faster to cook, and in a saucepan with water, put on fire. Do not salt, but add a teaspoon of sugar is desired. So our puree (namely, it will need to make these baked mushrooms), much faster to cook.
Шляпки шампиньонов запеченные с сыром

Mushroom take out the legs, and carefully so as not to damage them, scraping. Not much, as he vegetable should remain whole, but the membrane will interfere fill it with stuffing.
Шляпки шампиньонов запеченные с сыром

Hats lightly season with salt (do not get carried away), and finely cut legs,
Шляпки шампиньонов запеченные с сыром

and well-heated frying pan, fry them. No exact time, but they are two times should be reduced in volume.
Запеченные шампиньоны с начинкой

A slice of cheese, less than 100 grams,
Запеченные шампиньоны с начинкой

rub on a coarse grater,
Запеченные шампиньоны с начинкой

a small bunch of green mine,
Запеченные шампиньоны с начинкой

and finely shinkuem.
Запеченные шампиньоны с начинкой

170 ... 180 degrees set to heat up the oven.
From Boil potatoes, roasted leg of mushrooms, herbs and a good pinch of salt, make a uniform filling.
Рецепт запеченных шампиньонов в духовке

Spread it in mushrooms,
Рецепт запеченных шампиньонов в духовке

sprinkle cheese on top, pour two ... three tablespoons of water (just to avoid sticking), and put on 20 minutes in the oven.
Рецепт запеченных шампиньонов в духовке

We reach, spread on plates and immediately; Ideas. After cool down our mushrooms baked very, very fast, so it's best podgadat dinner (breakfast, lunch or a meal more) in advance.
Рецепт запеченных шампиньонов в духовке

As you can see, nothing complicated and the supernatural in this dish is not. So enjoy your appetite.

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