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Meat pie

Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт
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Meat dishes
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Frankly, cook the meat pie, I'm not going to, but the menu I have on my meatloaf. But I made two small errors, due to which I have prepared a new, no less tasty, but at the same time very interesting dish. And as soon demanded my home to cook it "encore", I filmed everything and now I share this with you.



And mistakes that I mentioned a little above, there were only two:
• For cooking I chose the pork rather than ground beef;
• And poured a lot of milk, a loaf when soaked.
As a result, I got a very liquid and "test" that does not bake in the form, but simply on a baking sheet, did not succeed. But everything that is done - all the better. So today we will prepare the meat pie.
But first put to cook hard-boiled chicken eggs three. Everything is as usual 12 minutes after boiling, add tea salt into water (that is not cracked even spilled), and then cool in cold running water.
Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

Two small bulbs (or one large) are clean, and finely milled in a blender.
Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

Two thick piece of stick (you can even stale) soaked with 50 ml of milk, and when it is absorbed, and the bread is soft, too, it is milled.
Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

And now mixed with 500 ... 600 grams of minced meat,
Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

another chicken eggs,
Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

teaspoon salt
Мясной пирог в духовке рецепт

and ground black pepper. Do not get carried away, it should be quite a bit.
Вкусный пирог мясной

In the meantime, minced five ... ten minutes worth 190 ... 200 degree turn on the oven to heat up.
Вкусный пирог мясной

Now collect the "puzzle". In the form (for him I use silicone, although it may take any, just will not stick) spread half prepared for this minced meat pie,
Вкусный пирог мясной

Now we lay the halves chopped eggs,
Вкусный пирог мясной

and on top - the second half of stuffing.
Вкусный пирог мясной

Bake as follows: first 10 ... 12 min at a maximum temperature, and then - another 25 ... 30 minutes (depending on the chosen form), - in a small fire.
We serve and eat warm with heat from the heat. And on a side dish cook anything, or serve it as is. But then - always with fresh or pickled vegetables, as the dish turns out very hearty and quite heavy and greasy.
Вкусный пирог мясной

That's all wisdom, meat pie is ready.
Вкусный пирог мясной

Enjoy your appetite.

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