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Mushrooms stuffed with squid

Как приготовить фаршированные шампиньоны
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Frankly, when I decided to make this recipe - mushrooms stuffed with squid, then first of all wanted to please his wife. More precisely - its two weaknesses: the seafood and mushrooms.



However, by setting the appropriate request in the search, was unpleasantly surprised: one and all offered carcass stuffed squid finely incised and sauteed mushrooms, and no one - on the contrary. "Is anyone had not occurred like this," I thought in amazement, and went straight to the kitchen.
For this dish will need mushrooms. But not the ones that we usually buy (less is willing and tasty), but on the contrary, the biggest. And you use exactly the amount that you can fit into a mold for baking. I've got this 12 pieces.
Как приготовить фаршированные шампиньоны

Cut one leg, a little scraping, put hats down and season with salt immediately. Then just forget. Oh, and do not forget to put down to boil a liter (or even less) of water, we'll need to clean squid.
Как приготовить фаршированные шампиньоны

However, the legs do not throw out, and finely cut into cubes.
In a frying pan, pour a little vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Как приготовить фаршированные шампиньоны

The water boiled. Average carcass squid omit it in three ... five seconds, take out,
Как приготовить фаршированные шампиньоны

and clean under running water inside and out. The outer skin is unappetizing all skukozhilas and overcame, so this procedure you will pass very quickly and easily. A couple of minutes to leave it to cool completely already.
Как приготовить фаршированные шампиньоны

Meanwhile, oil is well warmed up. Spread on a pan chopped mushrooms and fry the legs of three ... four minutes.
Как приготовить фаршированные грибы шампиньоны

Squid finely cut,
Как приготовить фаршированные грибы шампиньоны

and add a good pinch of salt, mix with sauteed mushrooms.
Как приготовить фаршированные грибы шампиньоны

At 170 degrees set to heat up the oven.
Spread stuffing.
Как приготовить фаршированные грибы шампиньоны

Cheese (no more than 50 grams, or he simply drained)
Как приготовить фаршированные грибы шампиньоны

rub on a coarse grater,
Шампиньоны запеченные с начинкой из кальмаров

and sprinkle them on top of our already almost ready mushrooms stuffed with squid.
Шампиньоны запеченные с начинкой

Fill 50 ml of water (mushrooms also highlight its moisture, so no more), and put in the oven on the bottom shelf.
Шампиньоны запеченные с начинкой из кальмаров

Bake them for 20 minutes, then decompose and immediately; Ideas. Cool mushrooms stuffed with squid very quickly, so do not delay, go right at the table.
Шампиньоны запеченные с начинкой из кальмаров

That's all, enjoy your appetite.

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