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Gelatinous egg recipe with photos

Желатиновые яйца рецепт с фото
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Gelatinous egg recipe with photos



Lovely snack - Easter eggs gelatin, one of the attributes of the holiday, they can be called a filling aspic, which is poured into the shell of the egg. Such preparation can involve children. All the ingredients are healthy and tasty. Children will be delighted with the gelatin. colorful eggs.
1) chicken broth - 1 cup
2) gelatin - 20 grams
3) canned corn - 100 grams
4) pepper - 1 pc.
5) boiled carrots - 1 pc.
6) chicken - 100 grams
7) parsley leaves. green peas


Raw egg with a knife to make holes (about 2 by 2 cm.) And pour the contents into a container. Shell put in rostvor of salt and baking soda 1 tablespoon of the night on the 1 cup of warm water. Dipped in a solution of egg shells for half an hour, and then dried.

We shall cut into small cubes (if any kitchen machine, it is to cope with this great!), Paprika red. that will give a spring mood. Crushed pepper spread in the capacity to canned corn. Also finely chop chicken, boiled carrots. add the parsley leaves.

Желатиновые яйца рецепт с фото

Prepare the jelly. Pour 1 cup of broth 20 grams of gelatin (broth slightly podsolite).
Fill with eggs, first gently skewer inside the bottom of the leaf parsley set and fill pinches of corn, peppers, meat, can be somewhat peas, boiled carrots. Looks great if you put the pieces of boiled quail eggs. Meat can be replaced with sausage or ham, you can show imagination and fill the vegetables as desired.

Желатиновые яйца рецепт с фото

Broth after swelling (40 minutes), heated to boiling (watch out for broth, so do not boil). Pour the egg rolls and roll the skewer inside. to evenly distribute the broth and not any bubbles. Gelatin mixture should be cooled. After filling send eggs in the refrigerator until completely freezing for 1 hour. After hardening, gently clean the shell.
Snack is ready!
Tip: You can cook eggs gelatin with fruit. To use this juice. such as apricot dilute gelatin (1 glass of juice with 20 grams of gelatin). Cut the apricots. pineapple, banana, apple (sprinkle with lemon, not to dark). currants. You can use the fruits of the season are available.
Bon Appetite!

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