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Zucchini appetizer

Кабачки с зеленью
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The preparation of these pubs is fast for me thus "lifeline" when guests unexpectedly appeared (home you know exactly how easy and quick to cook them) need to "splurge", but there is not desires and perhaps something to cook .



A sort of a simple recipe for performance you want for about five minutes (but then he must stand for half an hour ... an hour and marinated), which is very elegant and festive look. And the taste of our zucchini snack, not worse.
So today we prepare zucchini snack. But since no heat treatment, they will not be exposed to, we are not limited to the kitchen and the presence of the plate. On the contrary, they can do where you only wish. For example in nature, as the "Crown" unpretentious dishes for a picnic.
So, a bunch of herbs (dill, parsley, cilantro or assorted of them), I shall dry the moisture,
Кабачки с зеленью

and very finely cut.
Кабачки с зеленью

We put it in a mixture of 30 ml (no more, otherwise the strongly acidic) vinegar
Кабачки с зеленью

and 50 grams of any vegetable oil. Although I prefer to use these zucchini eateries as neutral as possible, ordinary refined sunflower oil.
Кабачки с зеленью

In addition to this purely two ... three large (or five ... six small) garlic cloves, passed through a chesnokodavilku,
Кабачки с зеленью

and teaspoon table salt
Закуска из кабачков на стол

as well as two of sugar,
Закуска из кабачков на стол

add to our marinade and stir. Sauce for our zucchini snack ready.
Закуска из кабачков на стол

Middle, even closer to the big (or two small) zucchini, I shall cut off the nose and tail,
Закуска из кабачков на стол

peeler and cut into thin plastic as much as possible the entire length of the vegetable.
Закуска из кабачков на стол

Chopped zucchini pour the marinade, stir, and for specified above half an hour ... an hour (although better longer), give him marinated.

That's all wisdom, zucchini snack ready. Enjoy your appetite.

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