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Zucchini on Korean

Кабачки по корейски быстрого приготовления
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This simple but very tasty appetizer - zucchini in Korean, is very tight and firmly I associate with the celebration of the New Year and all that is connected with it.



And yet, just now, I ask a simple question: but what do interfere delicious zucchini Korean all year round? After all, this vegetable is much tastier and more fragrant, if the dirt and grown in a nearby field, and not brought back to distant lands, where he matured as unknown. Indeed, sensible and obvious thought after so many years of cooking.
But not to deviate from the long-standing tradition on New Year's table I were again zucchini in Korean. And the way they are simple and uncomplicated to prepare, I am with you and will share.
The first step is preparing the marinade. To do this one small carrot clean,
Кабачки по корейски быстрого приготовления

and three on a fine grater. By and large, more important is not the root, and the juice from it.
Кабачки по корейски быстрого приготовления

Clean little (or half the average) head of garlic, and crushed her a special press. Garlic also has to let the juice.
Кабачки по корейски быстрого приготовления

Adding to these two components one teaspoon of salt,
Кабачки по корейски быстрого приготовления

two - sugar,
Кабачки по корейски быстрого приготовления

10 ... 15 grams (two ... three teaspoons) of a mixture of spices "Carrots in Korean"
Кабачки по корейски рецепт

50 g (not more) vegetable oils
Кабачки по корейски рецепт

and 30 ... 40 ml (one and a half ... two tablespoons) of ordinary vinegar. Less - as it should, not promarinuetsya more - the taste of vinegar will strongly dominate in our pubs in Korean.
Кабачки по корейски рецепт

Mix everything together and give it a few minutes to stand.
Кабачки по корейски рецепт

This amount of marinade is needed for one large zucchini, so if you are cooking more - simply increase the proportion.
Кабачки по корейски рецепт

His way, well (to get rid of unpleasant external wax layer) and cut my thinnest, which you can only do circles.
Фото рецепт кабачки по корейски

In a suitable container first laid a layer of chopped onions,
Фото рецепт кабачки по корейски

and then generously cover the cooked marinade. And so it layer by layer, until the zucchini is not over. Pour marinade residues, presses it all smaller in diameter with a lid or a small saucer, and two ... three o'clock (although you can apply and there before, after 30 minutes)
Фото рецепт кабачки по корейски

"Forget" our zucchini in Korean in the refrigerator.

That's all wisdom, zucchini Korean ready. Enjoy your appetite.

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