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Russian salad with boiled fish

Russian salad with boiled fish
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Russian fish salads
Russian salads
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This simple and very simple dish I often cook in those days, when the time disastrously on what is missing, but the need hearty and tasty meal. After all, this salad of boiled fish in addition to wonderful taste, and yet very high-calorie. And the rule of "little sёl - many received" applies to him as well as possible.



That's why today I will prepare this salad of boiled fish, and you'll see how easy it is.
700 grams (or so) put any white fish stew. But do not lose it in cold water and put it on the stove, and we place only in a boiling water, which put a teaspoon of salt. And fish, regardless of its type and "mokrosti" is not fed with water, and is cooked faster.
Салат с вареной рыбой

Cook it is not under the hood, and reduce heat, then drain all the water. To me, this process always reminds cooking pasta, as does even time (10 minutes after boiling), from him is no different.
Now give it to cool separated from the skin, bones and fins and understand (or cut, depending on the selected varieties of fish) into small pieces.
Салат с вареной рыбой

Large sweet (very important) bulb clean,
Салат с вареной рыбой

and cut into small cubes. It, as well as fish, put in a salad bowl. In it we will then stir-feeding our salad of boiled fish.
Салат из отварной рыбы рецепт

Three chicken eggs to cook hard-boiled. As usually, 12 minutes after boiling, and then cool the well in running water. And to even cracked egg when cooking is not leaked, put in water a teaspoon of common salt.
Салат из отварной рыбы рецепт

Purified from the shell, cut them into small cubes (thank yaytserezke)
Салат из отварной рыбы рецепт

and adding two ... three tablespoons of mayonnaise (no more, its flavor should not prevail)
Салат из отварной рыбы рецепт

stir our salad of boiled fish. That's all wisdom, he is ready. Serve and eat it immediately, otherwise our salad of boiled fish may simply be melted and become not so appealing.
Салат с вареной рыбой

Enjoy your appetite.

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