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Как выбрать мясо для вкусных блюд

Many novice mistress difficult with a choice of meat on the market. The abundance and diversity in different planes of chopped beef or pork buyer injected into a stupor and forced to disperse eyes.

Buying meat - quite the responsible thing: what kind of piece will be selected depends on the quality of future meals. There are several rules that will not let mistakes and help get their money right product.

Old or younger?

The older animals slaughtered, the darker his meat. Beef is normally dark red, bright yellow fat, bones and joints are strongly developed. His often used for cooking rich broth. Young animal meat pale red, white fat, veal - pink.

Age slaughtered pigs can determine the size of the bones and skin thickness - it is thick and coarse. Young pig meat is covered with fine sandpaper, fat thickness is small or medium.

What part of the carcass to choose?

Each dish requires its own kind of meat - one of the flesh does not cook good broth, and with good bones is difficult to collect pieces for stuffing.

For cooking steaks or fillets should buy clipping. Shin and shank suitable for jelly and broth. To boiled meat was tasty, it should be prepared from a butt (part around the pelvis) brisket, brisket (adjacent to the bacon).

For borscht and other soups better take brisket, Backstrap (layer on the edges) or shoulder. To make a delicious grilled meat, use a thin edge (lumbar carcasses) or sirloin.

Of course, on the kind of difficult to determine from which part of the carcass received particular piece, in this case it is better to contact the dealer - at least a basic knowledge about a product that sells, he must possess.

It should be said about the choice of bacon curing. Need to determine in advance how thick pieces want to get off the shelf, whether desirable layer of meat. Loved the piece should be pierced with a knife near the skins or plug - in qualitative fat tip enters in oil.

Freshness - only the first

If the pieces "zavetreny" and darkened, then butchered carcass for a long time. In fresh meat dry upper plaque missing, possible slight odor of dampness; when pressing a finger dent formed, which quickly disappears - fiber immediately rectified.

Be sure to check to see if the meat surface mucus, whether it is not sticky to the touch. All this, along with an unpleasant smell is a sign of a poor quality product.

Failure to comply with the rules of cutting and storage in tissues is rapid growth of microorganisms. This product may be hazardous to health, so any doubt as to the freshness and should be interpreted in favor of abandoning the purchase.

tricks sellers

Since meat - a perishable product, the question of its rapid implementation is for sellers with one of the most pressing. Therefore, the "craftsmen" gained a lot of experience in the "freshening" stale pieces.

The easiest way - soaking in a solution of vinegar or potassium permanganate. When you purchase should pay attention to the fact that the meat did not look as if it is wet; border beef edges may appear blurred, fat - porozovevshim of potassium permanganate.

Moreover, soaking the carcass weight increases. Think of frozen chicken legs, as they become smaller in size and easier after cooking. Laurels of their producers and good "fat" instead of chicken sold water haunt sellers beef and pork - inventive hardhead do everything to increase the weight of goods sold.

After "urinating" product only looks fresh, in fact far from it. Such meat is usually quick to prepare, but taste and usefulness considerably inferior to the normal product.

Making a purchase, do not start to rely on chance. We must remember that the seller is advantageous to sell any merchandise. So do not fall for unsubstantiated assurances of freshness and quality, do not be afraid to ask and see - you are a consumer and have the full right to purchase a quality product for their money.

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