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Kozinaki peanut

Арахисовые козинаки
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Always loved, love, and probably will love the taste of sweet almonds (mostly from seeds) and salted roasted peanuts. And looking at the burning eyes of children and spouses realize that not alone in their allegiances. But one day, or rather already evening, I decided to combine both of these two dishes in one peanut and cook almonds. 



And I think, very successfully, as very soon I repeated the experience.
For the preparation of these peanut peanut brittle took only two ingredients:
150 ... 200 grams of peanuts without shells,
Арахисовые козинаки

and the same amount of sugar.
Арахисовые козинаки

All begin to cook.
Peanuts need to fry until half. Therefore, on a dry frying pan without non-stick coating (ideally - just iron) pour peanuts, and stirring constantly, fry until until it starts to blacken.
Арахисовые козинаки

Pour in any suitable container and give cool to the temperature to painlessly could take nuts in hand. But because peanuts should be brushed. How? If each nut by hand to clean, very soon get tired of the process, and you will not want to taste any peanut peanut brittle.
In fact, it's much easier. Grind it with both hands and pour into a colander. A couple of minutes sifting over the sink and voila, all clean peanuts.
Арахисовые козинаки

Again, pour it into the pan, fill with sugar and turn on the fire.
Козинаки из арахиса

Stirring constantly, to fry until all sugar is melted and, together with the nuts do not become uniform, viscous mass.
Козинаки из арахиса

Put a plate on a flat piece of baking paper and lay it on the very hot (careful not to anneal), nuts with melted sugar. And while they're hot, you can shape them exactly as you wish, although I prefer the classic flat plate of small thickness. She and cool down faster, and break and have it much easier. But then - the choice is yours.
Козинаки из арахиса

That's all, peanut kozinaki ready. It remains to wait until they have cooled off (from molten sugar nuts yet dogotavlivayutsya), and yet these moments waiting stretch a very long time.
Козинаки из арахиса

Enjoy your meal.

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