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Recipe beans in tomato sauce

Рецепт фасоль в томате
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Vegetable dishes
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This dish - beans in tomato sauce, I do not just love to cook and often enough, and just love.



But my wife, with with her and the children, I absolutely do not understand and do not support, and otherwise turn up their noses from this dishes. A friend of mine, who came to me "at the light," and seeing these culinary chores, surprised him, and asked a simple question: instead beans in tomato sauce to buy a ready-made, canned, and just reheat it? However, when later he tasted my cooking, then strongly retracted his words, and with his mouth full of satisfied asked supplements. Well, I'm torn by curiosity, I bought a couple of cans of "beans in tomato sauce" from various well-known manufacturers. But when I opened one of them, I was waiting for great disappointment. No, I did, of course, ate the (very much like to eat), but here is the second bank and standing still sealed.
So today we have the most delicious menu beans in tomato sauce, but preparing it very, very easy, and the power of any newcomer. However, read and decide for yourself.
350 ... 400 grams of any beans (white, red or colored), pour 1.5 liters of boiling water ... 2. Immediately put a couple of teaspoons of sugar, so you just do not forget.
Рецепт фасоль в томате

In addition, you will need one large (or two small) carrots,
Рецепт фасоль в томате

two small or medium-sized onions,
Рецепт фасоль в томате

bag in 70 grams of tomato paste,
Рецепт фасоль в томате

teaspoon salt and vegetable oil for frying.
Beans, which has cooled to room temperature (about two hours), swollen and increased in volume almost doubled. In the same water and put it to boil. When the water comes to a boil, reduce to a minimum the fire and "forgets" its 30 ... 40 minutes. And do not try it with salt, because then cook it to the desired condition simply will not work.
Рецепт фасоль в томате

In the roomy cauldron in which then will prepare our beans in tomato sauce, pour two ... three tablespoons of vegetable oil and put it on the fire to warm up.
Onions clean and very finely chopped.
Рецепт фасоль в томате

When the oil is well warmed up, lay it in a cauldron and stir once. So he did not burn not turn black.
Как приготовить фасоль в томате

And until the onion "changes its color to gold," clean carrots, cut into small cubes, too,
Как приготовить фасоль в томате

and spread in the cauldron. Let approximately five minutes Ruddy already together.
Как приготовить фасоль в томате

Meanwhile, the beans are welded. Merge it completely, but leave one cup (250 ml) of water from it. To them we dissolve and tomato paste to get a thick juice concentrate.
Как приготовить фасоль в томате

We spread in our cauldron beans, stir, and two ... three minutes preparing the case.
Как приготовить фасоль в томате

Now pour our tomato juice, stir again, cover with a lid, reduce to a minimum the heat and simmer all together 12 more ... 15 minutes. If the hand is hot red pepper - Put a third of the pod will not be worse. I, unfortunately, was not.
Как приготовить фасоль в томате

That's all wisdom, our baked beans in tomato sauce is ready. And it is equally delicious and will as a garnish for fish or meat, or as a separate dish on your table.

Enjoy your meal.

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