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How to cook lecho

Как приготовить лечо
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For many years, making this simple snacks for the winter, called it pepper and tomato. While one of the extended family, saw it in my kitchen, happily said: "A letcho ready"! And to my surprise silent noticed it - a classic letcho, without any reservations and conventions.



I believe not much, but my curiosity got the better of summer laziness, and opening a cookbook found that between classic recipe letcho and the fact that I was preparing for many years there is not something that "ten differences", but simply no difference. And since I did not do the first year, it is absolutely certain that the banks with this classic letcho not pomutneyut not explode, and the taste of it always just excellent.
But classical cooking letcho I always start with no major, bulk components and cleaning with garlic. At one party (I cook it in a large casserole always) need seven major heads. It will have to peel and chop the garlic through a press. As for me - the longest part of the preparation of this classic letcho.
Как приготовить лечо

Three ... four kilos pepper (it only at first seems like a lot) my,
Как приготовить лечо

Clean and cut into large strips or half rings, whatever you like.
Как приготовить лечо

One and a half ... two kilos of onions peeled,
Как приготовить лечо

and cut into pieces the same as pepper.
Как приготовить лечо

Five hot pepper stuff (I always take one ... two more)
Как приготовить лечо на зиму

cleanly from the white core and seeds (the burning part of it), and finely chop. As an option - chop it together with garlic blender.
Как приготовить лечо на зиму

And now the most interesting - three kilograms of juicy ripe tomatoes.
Как приготовить лечо на зиму

They do not need us in the form of fruits and natural tomato paste. Therefore, passed through a juicer separates the bones and tough peel, or cut them in half and rub on a grater. In what form will stop - decide for yourself, but I use it first. So classic is a much gentler letcho (compared).
Как приготовить лечо на зиму

Now add 60 grams of sugar,
Рецепт классического лечо

and the same salt. And if you do not have weights in the kitchen - it does not matter: they take three tablespoons, it will be the same weight.
Рецепт классического лечо

Simmer all together. Under the hood, after boiling reduce to a minimum the fire and pinpoint exactly 25 minutes. So our classic letcho will be completely ready.
Рецепт классического лечо

Spread it in sterilized jars (10 minutes over boiling water or the same in a double boiler), and close the top lid.
Рецепт классического лечо

Finally. Keep our classic letcho at room temperature (not spoiled), but not exposed to direct sunlight. So he kept his rich and full-bodied tomato color. Therefore, and tomatoes on this classic letcho worth taking maximize ripe and red.
That's all wisdom, enjoy your appetite.

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