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How to cook sherbet at home

Щербет в домашних условиях
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Russian desserts
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Delicious and natural currant sorbet. From the blows of the phrase something unknown, unknown, but very tasty, and of course the east. I do not know about you, but I have such associations. 



But actually cook currant sorbet at home (as well as any other) is very simple, and I'll try it now to convince you.
The first step is preparing a very sweet, "sticky" syrup. For this purpose, 150 grams of sugar,
Щербет в домашних условиях

Pour 50 ml of boiling water and stir until until all the sugar has dissolved. This long, as the sweetness of the syrup just yet surpasses all imaginable and unimaginable magnitude.
Щербет в домашних условиях

A pound of currants (I took the red, but this is precisely what is not important, the technology is the same), and We grab my green tails. This is important, because they can give a nasty bitter taste in our currant sorbet.
Щербет в домашних условиях

Shred her blender,
Щербет в домашних условиях

and forced through a sieve. So currant sorbet will not get any bones and skin, and it will be especially gentle.
Как приготовить щербет в домашних условиях

Now add had time to cool down to room temperature, the syrup and mix everything well.
Как приготовить щербет в домашних условиях

Poured into any convenient molds and remove our very tasty, but still not cold currant sorbet in the freezer. Approximately seven hours, although the degree of "anger" of the camera at all different.
Как приготовить щербет в домашних условиях

That's all the wisdom,
Как приготовить щербет в домашних условиях

Enjoy your meal.
The only small remark: this currant sorbet quite natural (you do this just seen), so that it will melt very, very quickly. Note this feature serve and eat it as soon as you would get out of the freezer.

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