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Apples baked in pastry

Яблоки запеченные в тесте
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Apples baked in pastry



Apples in the pastry, a favorite dish of Americans, as well as young children. When baking is significantly increased amount of pectin, which affect the lowering of cholesterol excretion of heavy metals besides apples are rich in potassium and iron.
Ingredients for the dough Fila (pull-test):
1) flour - 2 cups
2) eggs - 1 piece
3) vinegar or lemon. juice - 1 table. spoon
4) butter - 1 table. spoon
5) cold water - 100 mllitrov
   Ingredients for the filling:
1) dried apricots
2) walnuts
3) raisins
4) figs

Apples are better to choose varieties Golden, that had the shape when baked and did not break the dough.

Яблоки запеченные в тесте

Clear apples peeled, cut midway (do a through hole). Due to the thin dough, all the most delicious pulp remains inside. In this recipe, you can make a surprise, put the caramel apple inside, it will be spread when heated and zakarameliziruetsya filling.

Phylum dough due to the fact that cold water is added, kept still for several days in the refrigerator. Combine flour with butter and remaining ingredients, except water, kneaded, and then add water and cool to form a ball. Test let stand in the refrigerator for 1 hour, all the ingredients may connect and was pliable dough.

Cut the figs, crushed walnuts, add raisins.

Cut into pieces and roll out the dough for tortillas, to make better use of the test powder starch, then the dough is rolled out very thin, like papyrus paper (so called pull-dough, it does not break). On the dough to put an apple inside - filling (do not forget the caramel) and wrapped inside an apple.

Яблоки запеченные в тесте

To place an apple in the test. Cut dough leaves and attach and can make tails of twigs cloves. Lubricate the beaten egg and bake at 200 degrees.

I guarantee that you will like this recipe so that you include it in its permanent menu. By the way, for those who like to bake in the oven, I highly recommend not to save on kitchen hoods, it makes life easier and your home will always smell pies instead of burning. A will experience in the process.

Bon Appetite!

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