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Хот дог рецепт с фото
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Russian snacks
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Hot dogs, you've made yourself at home, though, and have similarities with those that are sold all over the place in a variety of fast-food restaurants and snack bars, inspire a lot more confidence. The reason for this is quite simple and straightforward: you are free to select the right ingredients, the quality of which is the least concern. After some ketchup or mustard in a bottle from a street vendor (I'm not talking already about the quality of sausages), we simply do not know. 



Therefore, my sons, periodically solicit this simple but very tasty dish. And to confess, I do it with pleasure it. So today cook hot dogs with the classic, boiled sausages.
The first step is put to boil water, which then cook the sausages. As usual, we remove them from the film, wait until the water boils, it throws in sausages and reckon two minutes from the moment when it comes to a boil again. Since dogs are ready.
Хот дог рецепт с фото

Meanwhile, warm up buns. Everything is quite simple, 15 ... 20 seconds in the microwave and lo and behold - they got hot. The only advice: incise them BEFORE the place to warm up. So you will not burn your hands by negligence.
Хот дог рецепт с фото

In addition to the mandatory (although some prefer not to put it) tomato ketchup. But take a sharp and burning, or on the contrary, prefer gentle - you decide.
Хот дог рецепт с фото

Just need mayonnaise
Хот дог рецепт с фото

and mustard. Acute or not, grains or paste - again, decide for yourself.
Хот дог рецепт с фото

Cucumber (fresh, or salted, the choice entirely depends on your preference)
домашние хот доги рецепт

cut into thin slices.
домашние хот доги рецепт

Heated bun lubricates mayonnaise and mustard,
домашние хот доги рецепт

Put a freshly brewed hot dog,
домашние хот доги рецепт

slices of cucumber and plenty of water on top of the ketchup. A hot dog is ready. Just do the rest, because consumers are likely not alone.
домашние хот доги рецепт

That's all the wisdom, though they somehow just is not: it's very simple.
Enjoy your meal.

And the last question for consideration and does not require a response. By purchasing all of the components of good quality (read - expensive) in retail, you wonder why the store bought hot dogs are so expensive as what you have done yourself?

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