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Russian layer cake Napoleon

Russian layer cake
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Russian layer cake "Napoleon", the emperor among cakes



Russian layer cake  "Napoleon". Just say this name out loud, roll it on the tongue and you immediately want to taste it. But this is exactly the case, when and taste, and the name is much better and richer spent on the preparation of forces, because the only negative is that many truly delicious dishes should be left up to share tastes and impregnated. Russian layer cake  "Napoleon" this is not an exception. Because from the moment when it is completely done and waiting to be eaten, must pass a minimum of 12 hours and it is even more so if it is prepared to any celebration, do it in advance.

The preparation of dough for Russian layer cake Napoleon

For cake you will need a pack (200 grams) of butter or margarine and flour – 300 ... 350 grams. This is two complete glass slide, or 2.5 common shares. More accurately to say it does not, because it all depends on the manufacturer of flour, but the dough should be well cool.

Russian layer cake

Mix the ingredients
Russian layer cake
and knead until then, until the dough will not delaminate.
Russian layer cake
After that, one egg and a glass of water (200 ml)

Russian layer cake
and whisk to obtain a homogeneous composition.
Russian layer cake
Add it to the dough.

Half a teaspoon of baking soda will extinguish it with vinegar,

again mix well to most smooth,

and dividing it into 8 parts, put in the fridge for 2 ... 3 hours.

Preparation cream
Jar (330 gr) boiled switened condensed milk pour into a large pot. If you have not ready boiled condensed milk, buy a normal switened condensed milk and boil a closed jar in a pan of water for 1 - 1.5 hours. The water in the pan should cover jar completely.
Russian layer cake
and put two packs of soft butter. You need to take high quality, not spread, or you simply do not get it whipped.
Russian layer cake
As you know, beat with a mixer and refrigerate.
Russian layer cake

Chilled dough roll out flexibly
Russian layer cake Napoleon photo recipe
and put on a baking sheet, puncture with a fork 15 ... 20 times.
Russian layer cake Napoleon photo recipe
Bake 7 to 8 minutes. Never mind that the resulting cakes are not perfect shape, still then all should be cropped and aligned.
Russian layer cake Napoleon photo recipe

"Collect the puzzle"
Cooled cake grease with cream and put on its top new. So repeat all the layers.
Russian layer cake Napoleon photo recipe
When you get to the fourth layer, spread over a cream ground (not the blender, otherwise it will be flour) walnuts.
Russian layer cake Napoleon photo recipe
The same nuts and sprinkle over the top layer. Russian layer  cake is ready, great, tasty, but kind of shapeless.
Russian layer cake Napoleon photo recipe
So just cut it into portions and serve, but not before it will soak. But waiting - this is the most painful in the process, although this only fuels your appetite.

Eat for health.

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