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How to make potato waffles at home

How to make potato waffles at home
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Actually, I wasn't going to cook potato waffles, and wanted to make some potato pancakes (pancakes really wanted). But in one recipe, the chef mentioned that when she lazily flip, or she cooks something, makes them not in a pan, but in electric waffle iron. And since my curiosity was greatly irritated, but not satisfied, I immediately went to the kitchen to cook the most simple potato waffles.



So, to make them, we need:
• six ... seven medium-sized potatoes,
Potato waffles

• one large onion,
Potato waffles

• two eggs,
Potato waffles

• a Cup of wheat flour,
Potato waffles

• 50 grams of vegetable oil,
Potato waffles

• and a teaspoon of salt.
Potato waffles

That's all, proceed.
Peeled potatoes and onions grate on a medium grater,
Potato waffles

add the other ingredients and knead well.
Potato waffles

Heat the waffle iron. If there is a temperature controller, put it almost on max. When the waffle iron is hot, a tablespoon (no more) dough lay out, close, and well pressed at once. The dough for potato wafers thicker than for the same sweet waffles.
Potato waffles

After two ... three minutes (the thickness of electric waffle irons is different), remove it, and put a new batch. Stir the batter each time before will bake a new potato waffle (this is important), as long as it does not end there.
Potato waffles

That's all wisdom, our delicious potato waffles, ready. And even when baking from the heat they can be rolled into tubes, or paper bags, and fill almost anything, I prefer them just like that, the "light-version".
Photo 11.

So you can only add one thing – Bon appétit.

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