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Simplest Apple pie

Simplest Apple pie
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The story of this recipe in my "knowledge and culinary skills", is very different from the usual.



All because one weekday, when the children went to school, wife to the hairdresser, and I'm in complete silence (meowing cat doesn't count) was going to work. But the eldest son suddenly called me and categorically stated: "my classmate go home, we have time – an hour and a half (two lessons), and we need to cook something delicious." Later I found out that it is a "lesson in labor at home", and he can do something from semifinished food. But then I didn't know it, and went straight to the kitchen, especially because of my "high achiever" with a friend, have arrived. So today on our menu is the simplest Apple pie, which is cooked in just 50 minutes.
First turn the oven heat up to 190 degrees, so you do not have to wait. And just to make this a simple, basic Apple pie, you'll need:
• 150 grams of wheat flour,
Simplest Apple pie

• 175 grams granulated sugar (one Cup),
Simplest Apple pie

• 50 grams of butter (quarter of pack),
Simplest Apple pie

• two eggs,
Simplest Apple pie

• 100 ml (half Cup) milk
Simplest Apple pie

• teaspoon of baking powder or baking soda,
Simplest Apple pie

• and three large Apple, weighing about a pound.
Simplest Apple pie

That's all, let's get to the recipe. And in my case, this is the first independent bakery from two young chefs, whom I had only to advise and monitor.
Eggs and sugar whisk together until a homogeneous foam,
Simplest Apple pie

then add the flour, baking powder, hot milk and soft butter (microwave help), and again carefully whisk.
Simplest Apple pie

Apples are cleaned from the peel and core and slice the way you want. My "newbies" were just cubes.
Simplest Apple pie

Add them to the batter and knead well.
Simplest Apple pie

Pour into a form (split or silicone),
Simplest Apple pie

and put for 35 ... 40 minutes to bake on the middle shelf.
Simplest Apple pie

That's all wisdom, our simple Apple pie ready. It cools down fast enough, but it does not matter: it is delicious regardless of the temperature.
Simplest Apple pie

And though I'm by myself didn't have chance to eat this pie,good mark in the diary, surprised eyes of his classmates, and special thanks of the teachers for this elegant dish, was worth it. So now it's your turn.
It remains to add only one thing – Bon appétit.

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