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Pickled peppers with onions

Pickled peppers with onions
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Try it yourself: enter any popular search engine the phrase "pickled peppers with onions", and you immediately will have the results consisting entirely of recipes cut into strips, slices or rings of the ingredients, with the addition of countless number of various vegetables. And I will try to go the other way and show you the most simple recipe dishes, which long ago taught me a colleague, a confirmed old bachelor.



So, in order to prepare this pickled pepper with onions, you will need:
• 12 ... 14 small sweet pepper, preferably meaty,
Pickled peppers with onions

• the same number of small onions,
Pickled peppers with onions

• four tablespoons of sugar,
Pickled peppers with onions

• four teaspoon (without slides) – common salt,
Pickled peppers with onions

• eight tablespoons of vinegar,
Pickled peppers with onions

• a Cup of vegetable oil,
Pickled peppers with onions

• and water. That's all. Yes, it is based on four half-liter cans, so if calculate the ratio yourself.
Put to boil the water, meanwhile clean the peppers and the onions, and assemble this "sandwich".
Pickled peppers with onions

Put them in a jar (even sticking out, anyway they "will be pressed"), and fill with boiling water up to the top. This simple procedure not only allows the primary sterilizing future pickled sweet pepper, onion, and soften the vegetable and allows you  more efficiently and tightly to cram them into the jars.
Pickled peppers with onions

After 15 ... 20 minutes drain off the water had time to cool, add salt, sugar, vegetable oil and vinegar, boil again and pour in jars our  marinade , then after boiling water in a saucepan, put to posteritati for 20 minutes.
Pickled peppers with onions

Now roll all caps, and for at least a month ... the other one, put away in a dark place.
Pickled peppers with onions

That's all our sweet pickled peppers with onions is ready.
Bon appétit.

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