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Russian thin pancakes - bliny, recipe with photos

Russian thin pancakes - bliny
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Since ancient times, women, preparing for the Maslenitsa carnival a huge stack of pancakes, competed, from whom they get the thinner, almost like paper. And so came the name "paper pancakes", which most of us only remember as formerly known dishes from cookery books of the last century.



2 l ofMilk
2 Eggs
400 g of Flour
5 tbsp of Sugar


I do not claim that my pancakes the most delicate and light. But the fact that they are thin, tasty, easy to prepare and can be a wrapper for all sorts of fillings, whether it's ground beef with onions, cottage cheese with raisins or ham with cheese, I promise you. And yet just like pancakes without the filling, incredibly delicious as a separate feast, to which they ask thick cream, flavored honey and viscous condensed milk. And how to cook them – see for yourself.
To make tasty and thin pancakes, we need:
Two large chicken eggs. If they are small – feel free to take three, "oil will not spoil porridge";
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

two liters of whey (or milk, but I the difference in the taste of pancakes is not felt),
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

and wheat flour. My experience is that all manufacturers it varies widely, and say that it will take a certain amount (or a gram more or a gram less), will not work. So the advice is simple, take for a start 400 grams (three cups) and then add until the consistency of thick yogurt.
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

I also have this pancake pan (or two identical), thin, low, flat and with non-stick coating. You can do it on any pan, but frying on a pancake griddle makes job very quickly and flip them – simple.
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

From all this knead liquid dough (the mixer with you), put five tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and again mix well.
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

Pour batter with a ladle ( 2/3 ladle) onto preheated frying pan and immediately spread the batter over the entire area to a pancake does not become thick. Although the first always  "lumpy", as in the Russian proverb.
Before frying each pancake on a frying pan put a little butter, literally, on the tip of a knife, and in all, this volume takes half (100 grams) packs of standard. And while I understand that we have non-stick pans, but it makes bliny so much tastier.
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

After 30 seconds flip the pancake and fry it on the other hand even less time.
Russian thin pancakes - bliny

And so a pancake for pancake. So it's quite the impressive stack of delicious pancakes, which asks in your mouth.
The process of cooking with two pans does not take much time, although a 3-liter pots first, a little bit terrifying. I have all cooking, from kneading the dough before loading dirty dishes in the dishwasher, takes slightly over an hour.

Bon appetit.

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