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Salad with beets and walnuts

Salad with beets and walnuts
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Russian vegetable salads
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This simple, even very simple beet salad with nuts  prepare almost any of us. But the ease of preparation and very few ingredients – just four, throw salt, won't affect the taste of the resulting dish. It really is the case when delicious and simple "in one bottle".



So, first of all - three medium-sized beets, wash and put on to cook. To do this in the water or a double boiler you decide, of course. But practice shows that the preparation of the steam beets though a little longer (two hours versus one and a half), but the taste and color of the vegetable will only get better and more advantageously.
Salad with beets and walnuts

And while the beetroot is cooked slowly, take 10 ... 12 large walnuts,
Salad with beets and walnuts

and clean them. If you have ready peeled kernels, not nuts in the shell, skip this part.
Salad with beets and walnuts

Then grind them quite finely. But in any case not with an electric blender "into dust", the pieces of nuts should be felt in the salad.
Salad with beets and walnuts

Meanwhile, the beetroot is cooked. Cool it and remove the peel ( cools faster).
Salad with beets and walnuts

Grate on a coarse grater
Salad with beets and walnuts

and add  two ... three tablespoons of sour cream, stir nuts with beets. The salt added just a little bit "taste", big pinches will be enough.
Salad with beets and walnuts

Eat immediately, because of long standing beet can leak, which will affect the appearance and taste of beet salad with walnuts.
Salad with beets and walnuts

Bon appetit.

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