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Apple - cottage cheese pie

Apple - cottage cheese pie
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I have to say, this Apple cottage cheese pie – not one of those dishes that cook all day long, and it is the only place in the center of the holiday table. On the contrary, it looks quite simple, even elementary.



But even my spouse who knows about my cooking skills, and indeed a good cook, said sarcastic about it "what, you have learned to cook", and asked for more. So, cottage cheese and Apple pie I was a success, this recipe I will definitely take on Board when just over an hour (and that is how much time it take) you need to cook something really delicious, and now that I'm in a hurry to share it with you.
So, in order to bake this delicious and easy cheesecake-Apple pie you will need:
• two glasses of flour
two cups of whole wheat flour

• two large (or three smaller) apples, preferably sweet and juicy,
two large (or three smaller) Apple

• 200 grams of cottage cheese (better without grits, or we'll even through a sieve to wipe),
200 grams of cottage cheese

• 100 ... 150 grams of sour cream (any, but better than thick and oily),
100 ... 150 grams of sour cream

• high Cup sugar
a tall glass of sugar

• 130 grams (two-thirds of a standard pack) of butter,
two-thirds of a standard pack of butter

• two eggs,
two eggs

• and tablespoon of baking powder.
tablespoon of baking powder

That's all. And immediately (so you do not have to wait), for 200 degree heat the oven.
All of the ingredients somehow just prepare the apples. To do this, peel them and coarsely grate.
Чистим и крупно натираем на терке яблоки

Put melted butter to a liquid state. But to do this in the microwave, or something else – decide for yourself.
Cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs and half the sugar, mix together.
Творог, сметану, яйца и половину сахара, смешиваем

Add the apples, again knead well and set aside.
Add the apples, knead it again well

Mix (batter will be gritty, crumbly well) the flour, butter, remaining sugar and baking powder. Ready.
Перетираем муку, масло, оставшийся сахарный песок и разрыхлитель

In the form of (I took silicone, although it doesn't matter), make a "bowl", distributing the dough not only bottom, but also on the walls, and well preminum.
Dough not only bottom, but also on walls 

Fill our cheesecake-Apple pie filling, and put to be baked.
Заливаем наш творожно-яблочный пирог начинкой

35 ... 40 minutes on the middle shelf, without changing the temperature. But then take the time to remove the cake from the oven, and another 10 ... 15 minutes, "forget" it, let it come to that.
Bake 35 to 40 minutes on middle shelf

That's wisdom,
Leave our cheesecake Apple pie in the oven for another 10 ... 15 minutes

our cheesecake-Apple pie is ready. And as practice has shown (very satisfying work, so left), he is equally tasty as fresh from the oven, and the next day from the fridge.
Cottage cheese Apple pie

And the rest, Bon appetit.

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