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Stew with gravy

Stew with gravy
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This recipe does not purport to be a decoration and the main dish on the holiday table. And all because of the simplicity of both cooking and appearance, but not its rich taste. Stewed meat cooked on it, will gather many words of gratitude and flattering remarks about the one who wrote it. You can cook it, even if you only know how to fry an egg.



In order to make a stew you will need:
One peeled carrot,
Stew with gravy

one onion,
Stew with gravy

400 ... 450 grams beef. But to take pork, beef, lamb or a mixture of both – you decide, the technology does not change.
Stew with gravy

First chop the onion. As small as you can, but don't crumble "into dust" by blender, otherwise it will let the juice and are lightly Golden in color.
Stew with gravy

In pan or cauldron, which has a lid, heat a little (1 ... 2 tablespoons will be enough) vegetable oil and put onion.
Stew with gravy

Meanwhile, chop carrots
Stew with gravy

and after 5 minutes of frying onions, add to cauldron and stir.
Stew with gravy

It took another 5 minutes. Sent to cauldron meat.
Stew with gravy

After another 5 minutes, add 100 to 150 ml of water,
Stew with gravy

sprinkle with salt-pepper, stir, cover, reduce to low fire and simmer 40 ... so 60 minutes, depending on the stiffness of the selected meat.
Stew with gravy

That's all wisdom, our stew of meat and gravy ready.

Bon appetit.

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