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Cheese crackers

Cheese crackers
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The recipe for these cheese crackers I came across quite by accident, when with the eldest son we were looking for in the network the necessary information for his homework on geography. And as for cheese he "can sell home", then seeing it sparkle in the eyes I realized that studying is slightly shifted, and I go straight to the kitchen. Especially because all the ingredients of this dish, I have just at home.



• 100 grams of wheat flour (you need more then one big spoon to directly preporuciti the table on which you will roll out dough),
Cheese crackers

• the same amount (100 grams) of hard cheese, absolutely anyone, what you like and what you do have available in the fridge
Cheese crackers

• the same 100 grams of butter,
Cheese crackers

• and one egg, to be exact – only the yolk from it. That's all, so let's get started.
Cheese crackers

Cold, but not frozen butter kneaded with flour. I do this simply with hands until the mixture is completely homogeneous.
Cheese crackers

RUB cheese on medium grater. At large – is not quite a smooth batter for our cheese crackers, and the small is just too long, and not for nothing.
Cheese crackers homemade

Add it, again knead well with your hands (get homogeneous, dense enough for "gingerbread"),
Cheese crackers homemade

wrap in plastic film for an hour and a half ... refrigerate. Wecompleted all the lessons during this time, and even managed to break from them.
Cheese crackers homemade

The time flew by.  heat the oven to 190 degrees.
The dough is divided into three parts and roll out from the same small circles.
Cheese crackers homemade

A knife-wheel to pasties (although it can be a regular knife) cut the hexagon first, and then we divide it into small triangles.
Cheese crackers homemade

Coat the baking pan with baking paper and put our future cheese crackers on it.
Cheese crackers homemade

Bake on the top shelf seven ... ten minutes, then shift and give another ten minutes ... fifteen to cool down.
Cheese crackers homemade

That's wisdom, Cheese crackers ready. But enjoy them with a cold beer, spicy tomato sauce or anything else – everyone decides for himself. Therefore, it is necessary to add only one thing: Bon appetit!

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