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Pork braised in milk

Pork braised in milk
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This recipe is the most simple, but very tasty and very tender pork in milk, was preceded by a normal, life situation: my beloved grandmother decided to visit me.



As well as because of the age, her menu has shifted in favor of the diet (but she still  very, very fond of delicious food), I decided to surprise her with this dish. And  I did it, and this pork in milk, I'm now going to cook more often.
So, you will need:
• 700 g pork (not frozen, definitely lived without, and preferably without fat),
Pork braised in milk

• a glass of milk,
Pork braised in milk

• and a teaspoon of salt. All, it is really quite all.
Pork braised in milk

So, in fifteen minutes the milk heat in the microwave, and meanwhile, chop the meat. Quite finely, but not "into dust". And always across the grain, it will the fish to marinate better and cooked faster.
Pork braised in milk

Now fill it well warm, almost hot milk and four ... six hours, being abandoned to one side just to marinate at room temperature.
Pork braised in milk

The time flew by. Put the pork in the cauldron and put it on the fire. Only pieces of meat, pour the remaining milk, so won't be tempted to add. Because we want to make stew, not pork cooked in milk.
Pork braised in milk

When the meat is boiling (and it will stand out a lot of liquid), to low down the heat and "forget" about it for 12 minutes.
Pork braised in milk

Now add salt, stir, and simmer so another three minutes. Do not over steep, otherwise the pork in the milk will not become tender, and rubbery or even hard.
Pork braised in milk

And the rest – our pork in milk is ready. Serve and eat it immediately, because it cools very, very quickly.
Pork braised in milk

So Bon appétit.

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