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Sour cream cookies

Sour cream cookies
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My youngest son expressed the desire to prepare his first biscuit. And since his age he is still quite a bit of skill – less and culinary experience is not at all - I did to help him. But since the role of the cook belonged to him (I'm only invisible journeyman), then the recipe should be very very simple. More precisely – elementary. So, today we will prepare this sour cream cookies, and try step by step to paint, how it was done.



So, to bake sour cream cookies, you will need:
• three and a half cups of whole wheat flour (first time also thought too much, but experience has shown, this is ideal),
Sour cream cookies

• 200 grams of sour cream,
Sour cream cookies

• a Cup of sugar,
Sour cream cookies

• two eggs,
Sour cream cookies

• heaped teaspoon of baking powder (or regular soda),

• bag in one and a half grams of vanillin, (or a tea spoon of vanilla sugar),

• 100 grams of butter (or margarine).

That's all, begin to cook.
Flour mixed with baking powder and vanilla sugar. In General, it would be worth to sift through a fine sieve, to enrich the oxygen, but we didn't. And it turned out alright.

Eggs  beat with the sugar until dissolves.

Now add sour cream, liquid (30 seconds in the microwave) butter, and whisk well again. Of course, this can be done with a whisk, but I prefer (and strongly suggest) resourceful mixer or blender.

Pour it in the prepared flour and hand (batter will be quite steep), knead it.

Wrap in cling-film and at least three hours, refrigerate.

The wait time flew by. Heat the oven to 180 degrees.
Roll out the dough thickness of about inch, and cut out the same cookies.

If you have the proper molds, no problem: take a small shot glass.

Put them on the baking sheet,
Sour cream cookies

and for 15 ... 20 minutes  bake. Practice shows that semi-sour biscuits will be very much so at times you simply will need second part. So we have to make a minimum (all depends on the size of your oven) another batch.
Sour cream cookies

Now we wait until sour cream cookies to cool to room temperature, and serve. It was prepared.
Sour cream cookies

Of course, you can sprinkle it with powdered sugar, but it is not necessary to do. But then – as you please.
Sour cream cookies

And the rest – Bon appetit.

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