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Russian cake with apples

Russian cake with apples
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Russian apple cake (or cupcake with fresh apples, who gives the name more like it), I've never dared to cook. And the reason for this "food fear" is easily explained: probably will not work, and what comes out is neither feeding nor there, anyone just do not want to eat it.
But one day a colleague of mine, found out about it, just burst out laughing. And, not waste time, immediately offered to make this Russian apple cake. And all my excuses that it is long, difficult, and is made from a high of ingredients, just silently went to the kitchen.



So, in order to make an Apple cake you will need:
• two cups of wheat flour,
Russian cake with apples

• three (or four, it will not be worse), the big Apple,
Russian cake with apples

• one Cup of sugar,
Russian cake with apples

• four chicken eggs,
Russian cake with apples

• 100 grams of butter,
Russian cake with apples

• 100 ... 150 grams of sour cream,
Russian apple cake

• two teaspoons of baking powder,
Russian apple cake

• and powdered sugar. And although the last one not necessarily, Apple cupcake topped it, will be only more colorful and appetizing.
That's all.
Whisk together the eggs with the sugar. Long or not – I don't know, still stable foam you will not succeed, and did not need it. But the sugar should dissolve completely.
Russian apple cake

Butter for 15 seconds put it into the microwave, it should be completely gone, and now poured into our base test.
Russian apple cake

Add sour cream and whisk.
Russian apple cake

Now put the flour, baking powder and all together, one last time, well and carefully whisk. The dough for our Apple cake is ready.

Apples. They need to clean from skin, remove the seeds and slice fairly thinly.

We shift them to the dough and knead all.

Fill the baking dish. Not completely, but only halfway, so you do not become like the hero of the tale, constantly wailing "pot, do not boil, pot do not boil", when it will rise strongly and begin to crawl away. So it is better to bake in two forms at once, or one by one.

Put in a preheated 200 degree oven for exactly 25 minutes. Then we have ready, but still very hot Apple cake on a flat plate and give him about 15 minutes to cool.
Russian apple cake

Sprinkle with powdered sugar through a sieve,
Russian apple cake

cut off a piece and freshly brewed black tea with lemon, served. And believe me, there are few who will not ask more additives, and hence the second Apple cupcake, will not be superfluous.
Russian apple cake

So Bon appétit.

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