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Raspberry jelly

Raspberry jelly
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M y youngest son loves Raspberry jelly, unlike all other similar fruit or berry. And since both his mother and older brother, always ready to compete with him in eating this dessert, I cook it quite often, actually, and I want to share with you. And so today we have "on the agenda" – a simple, but very delicious raspberry jelly.



So, to make raspberry jelly, we need:
• 500 grams of fresh berries (frozen is guaranteed to fall apart and not be so appetizing to look fit),
Raspberry jelly

• 50 grams of sugar,
Raspberry jelly

• water, only 650 ml
Raspberry jelly

• and 20 grams (standard sachet) gelatine. That's all that is needed to prepare this simple dessert.
Raspberry jelly

And also we will need:
• glasses for jelly, totaling a little less than a liter,
• two containers  (one for boiling, so a small pot with lid will be just perfect),
• a fine sieve for straining;
• something for you will soak the gelatine,
• spoon with a long handle,
• and pestle to mash the raspberries before cooking. Like this, a simple way to berries as quickly as possible given the color, taste and smell.
That's all.
Gelatin pour 50 ml of water, stir well so that no lumps remain, and set aside.
Raspberry jelly

Wath raspberries and  divide , roughly 50: 50. Beautiful berries put in the glasses for ready jelly entirely,
Raspberry homemade jelly

pur the rest in the pan. Mash it, pour the remaining water and put on fire.
Raspberry homemade jelly

In five ... seven minutes after boiling, strain juice, add sugar, swollen gelatin, mix well all together,
Raspberry homemade jelly

and pour in the berries.
Raspberry homemade jelly

Now put raspberry jelly in the fridge to harden for four ... six (for the faithful) hours . All, it is ready.
Raspberry homemade jelly

Bon appétit.
And last. This raspberry jelly to all the above advantages, it turns out is also very beautiful, and the photos can convey. And therefore, the best solution to ensure it by yourself, you will just use it. The more you have just seen how easy it is and fast. Try our strawberry jelly recipe too.

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