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Potatoes Dauphine

Potatoes Dauphine
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Delicious, original, but it is a very simple potato dish. I decided to cook it  for compelling, unambiguous request of my wife. She demanded to make something delicious, but  have not yet been tested. And as for my yesterday's very late (or rather is already today,  but only a sufficiently early) arrival, I wanted to somehow apologize and make amends, did not argue and went straight to the kitchen.



In order to prepare this new product, potatoes Dauphine.
So, for this simple dish (it's only called posh, but it's nothing too complicated), you will need:
• about kilogram (I got nine tuber) potato. Ideally – oblong, smooth shape and uniform size. As it turned out – choosing the right tuber is the most important part of this dish.
Potatoes Dauphine

• Hard cheese. In principle any, so the choice is a matter of taste and preference, just 100 ... 150 grams.
Potatoes Dauphine
• Butter. Little, 50 ... 70 grams will be enough. But be sure in advance, store it in the freezer, so it will be easier in the future.
Potatoes Dauphine

• Salt. Full teaspoon will be even a lot of,
Potatoes Dauphine

• and ground black pepper. That's all.
Potatoes Dauphine

180 ... 190 degrees heat the oven. At this temperature, and we will cook our potatoes Dauphine.
Peel the tubers and cut correctly. For this purpose one end is slightly cut away so that it was flat, but on the other hand cut into strips. But not until the end, so let's get this fan. Also the act and with other potatoes.
Potatoes Dauphine

Cheese cut into thin and narrow strips (easier to insert in the tubers) in length, a little longer than potatoes.
Potatoes Dauphine

And also had time to cut it and freeze the butter and then all collect into potatoes. Put on a baking sheet, sprinkle with salt, ground black pepper,
Potatoes Dauphine
and for 45 to 50 minutes, put into the oven, on the middle shelf. More precisely – see for yourself as soon as the cheese will start to blacken – Dauphine potatoes ready.
Potatoes Dauphine

Put ready, but still a very hot potato Dauphine (although it cools fast enough) on a plate, and serve. And he is good and as a garnish, and as an independent, original and unique dish. And you did it without any problems and difficulties, and quite quickly.
Potatoes Dauphine

Therefore, it is necessary to wish only one thing – Bon appétit.

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