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Russian oatmeal honey-cake

Russian oatmeal honey-cake
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I love Oatmeal cookies, and very strong. And so I cook it (as indeed, I buy ready-made), often enough. That's just it always seems like the previous one, as twins on each other, while you always want at least some diversity. So this simple recipe from five lines of oat cake, which I caught on the packaging of flour, I accepted with joy. And, of course, immediately went to the kitchen to implement and bring to life.



So, in order to cook the oatmeal honey-cake , we need:
• oat flour, three cups,
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

• 250 grams (tall Cup) granulated sugar,
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

• 100 grams of butter or margarine,
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

• three chicken eggs,
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

• 10 grams (a small bag) ground cinnamon,
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

• heaping teaspoon of baking soda (or two of baking powder),
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

• powdered sugar for sprinkling. Although honestly, why flour company insists on it, not ordinary sugar glaze, I did not understand. But decided not to experiment, and to do everything in strict accordance with what was indicated on the package of flour.
Melt to liquid butter (e.g. in the microwave) and mix it with sugar, soda, cinnamon and eggs.
Russian oatmeal honey-cake

Parts add oat flour, continuing to whisk become thick and sticky . Oh, and don't forget to turn to heat up the oven 190 degree, it's time.
Russian oatmeal cake

Rectangular shape with special baking paper (to make it easier to wash it), spread prefabricated future oat cake, even out, and put to bake for 30 minutes.
Russian oatmeal cake

Turn off the oven, but "forget" cake there at least for another hour .
Russian oatmeal cake

Now sprinkle it with powdered sugar (again, did not understand why),
Russian oatmeal cake

cut, and serve. And as you can see, no difficulties,  the recipe for this oatmeal honey-cake is very  simple.
Russian oatmeal cake

So – enjoy your meal. And finally, one tip: fresh black tea with lemon. Believe me, you definitely will not regret it.

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