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How to cook herring butter

How to cook herring butter
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This simple, simple, even the elementary recipe will be appreciated by the majority of us. After all it on a shoulder to the absolute beginner who is going to prepare the first culinary masterpiece, but many, apparently, primitive things for it sacrament. But thus the turned-out herring butter very much and very tasty.



Therefore today we will prepare herring butter which will be equally pertinent and on a slice of white loaf for breakfast and as an independent, original dish which can be given with potato or corn chips or flat cakes. And we will prepare from smoked herring. Though the technology of preparation of herring butter from salty fish differs in nothing.
But first of all get from the refrigerator 100 … 150 grams of butter. It according to the recipe has to become soft, but not liquid, therefore any microwave ovens or the heated electric heaters. Simply let's it lie in heat.
How to cook herring butter

One large herring,
How to cook herring butter

clean from bones and skin so that two ideal fillets turned out.
How to cook herring butter

Well wash out a fennel bunch and dry from moisture, herring butter shouldn't "float".
Now put all components (fillet of fish, butter and fennel) in the electric blender. Manual you will do it very long, and you pitch everything in uniform, smallest weight.
How to cook herring butter

Shift the turned-out herring butter in the capacity suitable for this purpose and clean in the refrigerator for two-three hours to stiffen.
How to cook herring butter

That's all, bon appetit.

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