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Skewers in white wine

Skewers in white wine
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For me cooking pork shashlik made of white wine, has become a kind of classic that I do "one left". But, I tried to teach the wives of his friends this uncomplicated recipe, how many are not convinced in practice that this is an absolutely elementary, apparently rights hero my favorite movie: "kebab, women aren't allowed". And therefore – try our male audience to devote to the intricacies and peculiarities of making this delicious delicacy: kebab marinated ordinary white wine.



Today, however, I'm not in the role of the chef, and consultant when buying ingredients, as well as directly to marinali and frying. And, of course, as the operator and the author of the text, whereas cook undertook to act as my eldest son is 12 years old. The reason for this "Junior fit" I have not known, but the desire is laudable, but it means that I will help him in this.
So, the meat. Pork, for a group of 11 people– 4.5 kilograms (400 grams each), of course without bones and with minimal veins. But a layer of fat, not thick, on the contrary, desirable.
Skewers in white wine

Onion. Slightly less than half the weight of the meat, so exactly, two pounds. It is better to take a medium-sized, so it would be easier to string.
Skewers in white wine

Sol. Large (this is mandatory, small can give a bitter taste), about 100 grams. Don't be afraid to overdo, this kebab is made of white wine will take just as much as necessary.
Skewers in white wine

Black pepper. Ground, about 30 to 40 grams. Acuity special, he will not, but interesting notes of the fragrance easily.
Skewers in white wine

And wine. Dry, white most inexpensive. You will need one liter, so it's best in this volume is to search the Tetrapack.
Skewers in white wine

The meat is cut into equal pieces, about the size of one ... two bites. But definitely – across the grain, as first, evenly fried, and secondly, better fish to marinate.
Skewers in white wine

Peel onion and cut into thin rings. But not quite thin as well, then they can be strung.
Skewers in white wine

In a large pot with a lid (because surely you are going to roast it off in the kitchen, and to take the place of the upcoming picnic) puts a layer of meat, heavily salt it,
Skewers in white wine

a layer of the onion sprinkle with ground pepper.
Skewers in white wine

And so layer by layer, a layer of meat with salt
Skewers in white wine

– layer of the onion and pepper until all the components of this "pie" is over. We've got five layers, but it depends on the shape of the selected pans.
Skewers in white wine

Now pour all the wine at night and put to marinate in the fridge.
Skewers in white wine

Stir-frying. There are a few rules:
• no open fire, only embers;
• the coals should not be out of the trees species of sweet-smelling resin, so the best option – fruit varieties, such as cherry or apricot;
• height of the layer of coals to skewers with meat – 10 ... 15 cm. Less meat will burn and the more – dried, but not cooked through.
But will you burn wood chocks, or just use the coals – decide. In the first case there is something wild and even primitive, the second is easier and faster. But the coals should be many, as this volume is not one frying.
Stringing meat on skewers. Also everything is very, very simple: very tight, alternating meat with onions, pierce the pieces in the middle. And that nothing is hanging, otherwise it will burn and give an unpleasant smell to the finished dish.
Over time, how the meat is cooked, also it is very, very simple: 12 ... 15 minutes on one side,
Skewers in white wine

then turned over and another 10 to 12 minutes. And don't fiddle with it constantly, the meat must be fried from the inside and not dry outside.
Skewers in white wine

That's all the skewers of white wine ready. Serve and eat it immediately, and it's not only that he is the most delicious. Just you will not do otherwise.
Skewers in white wine

Bon appetit.

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