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Cheese cake with strawberries - part 1

Cheese cake with strawberries
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I will not deceive you that the cottage cheese and strawberry is a very simple and incredibly fast to prepare. On the contrary, for a long time, with a large number of ingredients and the preparation of the simplest steps. But it's worth it. Really worth it. And when I looked back and thought spent time in the kitchen, I thought that nothing the unreal is not here, and very soon I will repeat the experience again.



But first things first.
First of all a bag of 15 grams of gelatin (the same programs the second bag we need more in the future), pour 100 ml of water at room temperature. Of course you can with boiling water, so more and more quickly, but the "rubber" in this soaking get much better.
Cheese cake with strawberries

Now ispechёm thin biscuit, the foundation of our cottage cheese and strawberry cake. On the 170-degree oven to heat up exhibit, and until the two chicken eggs,
Cheese cake with strawberries

70 grams of sugar,
Cheese cake with strawberries

whisk (fluffy foam still does not work, so long) into a homogeneous mass. In general, you will need 250 grams of sugar in all (the rest goes to peretёrtuyu strawberries), so a tall glass for this is just the perfect measure.
Cheese cake with strawberries

Add 100 grams of flour,
Cheese cake with strawberries

and again stir. The dough is ready for our sponge.
Cheese cake with strawberries

The form was covered with baking paper. It should be a detachable or a soft silicone, which we then will prepare the cake. I relied on the Russian maybe, for which he paid when the layers of foil food carefully tried to lay the walls and bottom of the form.
Put in the oven on the middle shelf shape and bake seven ... eight minutes.
Cheese cake with strawberries

Meanwhile baked biscuit, 450 grams of strawberries, and my detachable tails of it.
Cheese cake with strawberries

200 grams of grind (the rest will be cut, so it can select the most ugly berries) into mush blender.
Cheese cake with strawberries

Mix with remaining (180 grams) of sugar.
Cheese cake with strawberries

Meanwhile ispёksya biscuit. We reach it and give it, as well as the form (do not forget it, and we will prepare our cottage cheese and strawberry cake) are well cool.
Cheese cake with strawberries

Everything is cold. On the bottom again be laid on top of cake and plenty of grease strawberry sugar mixture. So we achieve two goals at once: and biscuit soaked and will not be too dry, and the mass of the gelatin on top of him not otlipnet.
Cheese cake with strawberries

The recipe was long, a lot of pictures, so we will continue in the second part of the article Cottage cheese cake with strawberry recipe continued ...

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