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Salted cucumbers for winter

Salted cucumbers for winter
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Salted cucumbers, I really, really love. I do not like that. I love them madly, and I do every time new, when the previous batch strives to end. That's just this season, ground, not greenhouse cucumbers, oh, how short-lived. And about "Overseas green vegetables, incomprehensible and tasteless," and he does not want.
So when I came across a recipe how to prepare salted cucumbers for the winter, I did not hesitate, I went to the kitchen. And that's what I came out of it, I'll try to tell you now.



So, do salted cucumbers. Sort practically irrelevant, as well as dimensions. Perfect choice - "that in the mouth themselves ask," and the rest - decide for yourself. But be sure - solid and tight, otherwise you may not acieve winter and explode. To make a six-liter jars, we need three kilograms of vegetables.
Salted cucumbers for winter

They are mine, We grab tails and fill three ... four o'clock ordinary cold water. So they will be even more juicy and crispy.
Salted cucumbers for winter

When the waiting time is about to end, prepare the brine. From a sharp perchiny take out the white inside with seeds (extra sharpness we do not need)
Salted cucumbers for winter

add a clove of garlic,
Salted cucumbers for winter

it is necessary to clean and crush with the flat side of a knife,
Salted cucumbers for winter

Put a thick slice of lemon (it is necessary to add piquancy taste of pickled cucumbers pickled in winter)
Salted cucumbers for winter

richly dill, horseradish leaves and cherries for pickling (although here - a matter of taste, can add nothing)
Salted cucumbers for winter

and 250 grams (yes yes, as I'm not mistaken) salt,
Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

pour three liters of water and put to boil.
Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

With cucumbers already merge unnecessary water. When the brine to boil, check the dissolved all the salt on the bottom and pour contents into a cucumber.
Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

In this form, at room temperature, they must stand, leaven for two days.
Two days passed quickly. Put again boil three liters of water, and in the meantime merge with cucumber pickle (it we do not need, his job he has done)
Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

laid, but not tight upihivaem them, otherwise do not come out so crispy, though, and no less delicious, along the banks of our semi-finished salted cucumbers in the winter,
Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

fill, had time to boil ordinary water and sealed all it covers.
That's all wisdom, salted cucumbers in the winter ready. As such, they should stand for at least two ... three months, and can be stored at normal room temperature.
Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

Russian homemade Salted cucumbers for winter

It remains to add only one thing: Enjoy your meal.

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