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Marinated cherry tomatoes

Marinated cherry tomatoes
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Marinated tomatoes in the winter, I love very much. And the unknown is greater vegetables themselves or marinade of them. No, pickles, of course, I love even more, but steamed jar, bright red tomatoes, a kind greetings from the hot summer, always attracted and enticed. And especially - in the chilly winter evening, to the most ordinary dinner. But almost always it was a tomato-cream, since they are the optimal size for food, or directly to the neck of the cans, but - not whimsical at best conservation.



However, time-tested recipes is certainly very good, but I was always attracted to innovate. So when it turned out the house proper amount of tomatoes in this class, I did not hesitate cooked cherry tomatoes, pickled for winter. Well, indeed, vegetable salads and fresh cut them - hand is not raised, and there is much more interesting and tasty option - pink salad tomatoes. And therefore - to prepare them pickled, and even in small volume of banks.
So, in two half-liter cans we need:
• 700 ... 800 grams cherry tomatoes,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• one small carrot,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• Garlic,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• eight ... ten balls of black pepper,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• four - sweet,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• Two bay leaves,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• a teaspoon of salt with a slide,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• sugar,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• Of course the vinegar - two tablespoons,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

• and water. All.
We will need about half a liter of boiling water, so I put it on the fire.
Carrots are clean, cut into slices,
Marinated cherry tomatoes

and four cloves of garlic (and the more we do not need), cleaned from the husk.
Marinated cherry tomatoes

Laying everything in jars, add the vinegar, put tomatoes (not under the neck, for that matter), pour boiling water and put in a pot of pasteurized water. When it boils, pinpoint 20 minutes (just to be sure - it is better to 25), and cover the jar, pasterizuem our future marinated cherry tomatoes. By the way, you can keep with their tails, and even twigs. Believe me, they will not give bitterness, and then in the winter when you pull them out of the banks will be very appetizing to look at your plate.
Marinated cherry tomatoes

So tightly roll up the banks with marinated cherry caps and two ... three months at least, to remove them in a dark place.
Marinated cherry tomatoes

That's all wisdom, Enjoy your meal.

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