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Marinated tomatoes with garlic

Marinated tomatoes with garlic
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Preserved for different recipes and techniques for winter tomatoes, I love very much. And especially - is marinated tomatoes. But they all share one and the same: rather boring, though bright appearance. And as we eat in the first place through the eyes, and then to - mouth, I try to make the already recognizable dish even more appetizing. And looking ahead to say that I got it pretty good.



However, to taste it, all the same will have to wait for the winter, and enjoy. After all, like it or not, these marinated tomatoes with garlic and herbs have a few months to stand up and become one, and not "flies separately, cutlets separately."
So, to prepare canned tomatoes marinated with garlic and herbs, you will need:
• kilograms of medium-sized, dense tomato,
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

• a large bundle of herbs (dill, parsley, or a mixture thereof)
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

• and three large heads of garlic.
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

My tomatoes.
Greens finely shinkuem, garlic cleaned from the husk, grind pressure,
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

and a half a teaspoon of salt, mix them.
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

Tomato carefully cut the white core and do cross-section of two-thirds of the depth of the vegetable. Stuffed in his stuffing and also come with the rest of tomatoes.
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

... Half a liter of water set to boil.
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

In a half-liter jars pour two tablespoons of vinegar,
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

add half a teaspoon of salt,
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

and carefully lays out the tomatoes. You can even add a teaspoon of sugar, and you can not do that, all exclusively a matter of taste.
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

Fill with boiling water and put all pasteurized. When the water boils - pinpoint exactly 15 minutes,
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

and then take out the banks and roll up tight lids. That's all, marinated tomatoes with garlic and herbs, ready. And as you can see, it's quite simple, even elementary.
Marinated tomatoes with garlic

And for reference, I note that this volume of tomatoes, I got exactly four half-liter jars. So if you want to increase the effectiveness of their work, simply increase the proportion. The technology still remains the same.
Enjoy your meal.

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