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Traditional russian recipe - pickles

Traditional russian recipe
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The most common classic pickles, just great my dad is preparing a large amount, calculated at once for two families. And then, in winter, we are pleased to changing cherished jars: I told him - salty, and he told me - pickled. And such a "barter" has been going on for many years.



But this year it is in the collection of the season, this vegetable canning, he went on a long trip. And so the duty roll classic pickles, fell on my shoulders. And as the yard - XXI century, and telephone to the farthest corners of our planet is perceived as routine, the advice in real time has been directly from the ocean. So today we will prepare classical pickles for the winter. However, due to the fact that it was my "trial balloon" that all the ingredients bring the rate of one quart (and did). Although the next day I made a whole batch of 10 kg of vegetables is absolutely the same.
The first thing a teaspoon of salt,
Traditional russian recipe

and the same amount of sugar pour 350 ... 400 ml of water and put to boil.
Traditional russian recipe

550 ... 650 grams of cucumbers (depending on their shape and size) and selected well frankly my wrinkled and damaged.
Traditional russian recipe

Garlic (one ... two) cloves on a clean skin.
Traditional russian recipe

More, we need five ... six balls of black pepper,
Traditional russian recipe

and two ... three - sweet,
Russian snacks

and a large umbrella (or two smaller ones) of fennel. You can even put seven ... ten grains of mustard, but first, she often gives the turbidity of brine, and secondly - I just did not have it.
We put everything. And the more you have in the bank nabete cucumbers, the better you will be in the winter and then open it.
Russian snacks

Salty-sweet water boil. Add to it 30 ml of vinegar,
Russian snacks

and fill.
Russian snacks

Put the jar pasteurized. Pope stipulated the necessary time, five ... seven minutes after boiling, and I be safe and simmer all for 10 minutes.
Russian snacks

Now shut tight cover (or a twist crimping), and remove our classic pickles two ... three months in a dark place.

That's all, I enjoy your appetite.

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