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Russians dessert homemade sweets

Russians dessert homemade sweets
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Russian desserts
Russian cuisine


I hasten to immediately protect you from trouble, if you have a spouse at home (mother, daughter, granddaughter or anyone else) on a diet, in any case and under any circumstances do not prepare these homemade toffee. And all because they resist to eat only one, or do not enjoy them at all, it is simply impossible. And most importantly, it is limited to a single candy yet no one receives, no matter how strong will power he possessed.



However, on the other hand, these toffee home very, very easy to prepare, even if your culinary skills and talents are equal to zero. Just follow this simple recipe, and all you get.
Let's get started. To make homemade toffee, you will need:
• 200 ml of melted milk (it turned out, it is difficult to buy it)
Russians dessert homemade sweets

• two tablespoons of beeswax (although I do not know of another) honey
Russians dessert homemade sweets

• 200 grams of sugar, most ordinary, white,
Russians dessert homemade sweets

• 30 ... 40 grams of butter,
Russians dessert homemade sweets

• and vanilla. On the tip of a knife, or half a teaspoon of vanilla sugar.
homemade toffee

All this is put in a one pot and put it on fire.
Russians dessert homemade sweets

Nuisance continuously until the sugar has dissolved completely. When the milk comes to a boil, reduce to a minimum the fire and boil for half an hour so.
homemade toffee

But we should not forget our semi-finished toffee, because then milk guaranteed prigorit and sugar - and at pristynet, so stir the contents, particularly from the bottom.
homemade toffee

And you can not even pinpoint 30 minutes, and all you will see: at the end of the liquid mass becomes darker, rich in color and begins to boil heavily.
homemade toffee

Blanketed deep soup plate with baking paper and pour the contents. An hour later, when still partially liquid homemade toffee cooled, remove them in the freezer for two ... three hours.
homemade toffee

That's all wisdom, homemade toffee ready. You can fill them in absolutely any form, and even in the molds for ice, and I love it as follows: cut into squares, shapeless, just bowl. It is from this lodging option, toffee home becomes even more home.
homemade toffee

Enjoy your meal.
Yes, and if you do not eat them all at once, then remove it in the freezer. Although it is unlikely, given the terrific taste of home butterscotch and how much they get.

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