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Kebab in red wine

Kebab in red wine
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All kinds of kebabs, to be exact - marinades for them, bright, very bright and even completely clear, I cook not the first dozen years. And all the friends who have at some upcoming holiday, want to feed the visitors delicious barbecue, received absolutely original: simply buy all the necessary ingredients, bring them home with me, and as if by chance, "invited" me so. And this case is no longer a single, and the argument is always the same: "Better you, none of us can do better."



But this time I decided to cook it myself, and in parallel to try out a brand new recipe: Skewers in wine red. And besides novelty loved by many of us dishes that often are not preparing at home and outdoors, in the warm season and almost always - a day off, I wanted to give the finished dish a dark color. After all, almost always I use pork meat, and its color rather poor and not tasty.
But we digress a bit, so we have today in the menu - pork skewers in wine red. Therefore, we need two kilos of pork,
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Seven ... eight small (this is important, then it will be easier to string) onion bulbs
russian food recipes with pictures

coarse salt - three ... four tablespoons with a slide,
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a bag of black pepper - 15 ... 20 grams,
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and 500 ml of dry red wine. And - absolutely anyone of the cheapest drink you it will not.
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Meat. It should not just cut across the fibers, the size of "two bite", but cut out the film and veins. But a thin layer of fat (if there is one), it is better to leave: our barbecue will be much softer. So the neck for this dish - perfect, although I could not buy it. But it does not matter.
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Chop onion rings, not thick. Cut completed.
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Now interspersed: a layer of meat and sprinkle with black pepper (richly still will marinate the meat in a large volume of fluid, and therefore, will take as much as you need)
russian meat recipes

and a layer of onion and sprinkle with salt.
russian meat recipes

And alternate: meat with a layer of pepper - a layer of onions and salt until both ingredients will not end. Fill all wine and a day to "forget" it in the refrigerator.
russian meat recipes

A little trick: if you do not have so many hours "before" to marinate the meat on skewers in red wine, put it under oppression. And the less time you have, the harder it should be.
Now hot. It's simple: on the coals, no flames, only a good heat. Tightly strung the meat on skewers and placed as close as possible to one another. I am the first batch of shish kebab, made a little mistake: only meat strung, suck "forgetting" about onions. So, even if you would not be eating it, just cook together: it never dries and is guaranteed to remain juicy.
But how many minutes and how to fry? And, too, everything is absolutely simple: 12 ... 15 minutes (or more precisely - see for yourself, it all depends on the height of the barbecue and the amount of coal in it) on the one hand,
russian meat recipes

then turn over and cook for another 10 ... 12 minutes.
russian meat recipes

That's all wisdom, fragrant, delicious, delicate and unusual skewers in red wine ready. And though to say that he will appeal to everyone, it would be unfair to cook it at least once, all the same worth.
russian meat recipes

And the rest - Enjoy your meal.

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