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Russian potato salad recipe with hering

Russian potato salad recipe
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I'll be honest: The two main components of salad - smoked herring in the amount of one piece and two pickles just happened to be in my refrigerator. Although you can successfully replace them with pickled cucumbers and salted herring easy. The taste of herring salad and pickles, of course, will change much, but still enough to be original and interesting.



But first, it would have to do is to weld three ... four (depending on size) potatoes. Nothing new or unusual, 20 minutes after boiling, then remove the tubers, so that they are cool.
Russian potato salad recipe

Meanwhile, we proceed to the most unpleasant part of the preparation of almost any fish salad - cleaning.
Russian potato salad recipe

From fishes separate the head, fins, remove the bones, internal organs and skin. We should get the maximum two clean halves fillets.
Russian potato salad recipe

The fish is cut into small pieces (but not smaller) and shifts in volumetric bowl, salad bowl in which we and mix ingredients, and serve a salad of herring and pickles.
Russian potato salad recipe

Salted cucumbers,
Салат с картофелем и сельдью

Finely chop enough and are sure to squeeze the brine. Otherwise, the taste of salt will dominate in this salad. We put them to the salad bowl.
Салат из селедки с огурцами

A large bundle of green onions (can take two, will not be superfluous)
Салат из селедки с огурцами

chop and shift to the cucumbers and herring.
Салат из селедки с огурцами

Meanwhile Boil potatoes. Clean it and cut into small cubes. And you guessed it, too, we place it in a salad bowl.
Russian potato salad recipe

But this salad dressing herring and pickles, in my view, quite original. No, not the mayonnaise (it is, in any, the mediocre deli in the amount of ten varieties)
Russian potato salad recipe

and the white (without the addition of beet) horseradish. Mix them in a proportion of one tablespoon plus one tablespoon (no longer need to be very sharp and very salty), and add to the salad. And in any case we salt herring salad and pickles. Although sure many of you still dёrnetsya hand toward the salt shakers.
Russian potato salad recipe

Now everything is mixed well and give. Although if you wait for 10 ... 15 minutes, the taste will be more uniform and rich. But even without this "agonizing wait" taste of herring salad with pickles will be very interesting.
Russian potato salad recipe

And you can see for yourself that the time to prepare this truly original herring salad and pickles gone from strength 30 minutes. And everything is really very, very simple.
Enjoy your meal.

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